Strombabble: The Point Men and the Waiver Hammer

Thomas Drance
January 09 2013 09:23AM

It would be against our nature to let a firecracker Jason Botchford take, like this one from Tuesday evening summing up the Luongo-trade situation, pass us by without comment. Botch is in midseason form with some of his one-liners here - in particular I got a hearty laugh out of his droll play on Bob McKenzie's hilarious "biological clock" formulation from Monday night. What I'm interested in discussing briefly here however, is two fresh bits of information concerning the "point men" within the Canucks and the Maple Leafs organization's who might ultimately drive this potential deal to completion, and the prospect of waiving Luongo.

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KHL Highlights: Kovalchuk Staying?

Steve Dangle
January 08 2013 10:53PM

Speculation is flying that Kovalchuk might stay in the KHL, Ryan O'Reilly is still playing until he signs a new deal with the Avalanche, and KHL President Medvedev is pretty much threatening war against the NHL.

Ignore the KHL now? The fun might just be getting started. Enjoy!

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Afternoon Headshots: January 8th

Thomas Drance
January 08 2013 03:15PM

The Canucks, skating together at UBC on Tuesday.
Photo Credit: @Chris_Withers of

Headshots are a Canucks Army feature where we link to the day's freshest news, and other assorted Canucks web-goodies. If you've written a blogpost, produced a tribute video or birthed a clever .gif into existence - please e-mail Thom at

Not sure how he found this (I like his work so I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he wasn't actually watching Jay Leno) but Jordan Bowman hooks us up with some footage of the Tonight Show host taking a shot at Zack Kassian's "meth mouth." 

The always salacious News 1130sports Twitter account was active this morning, passing along rumours about the team's interest in Cam Barker (well, we knew that one already) as well as forward Tom Kostopolous and possibly Jason Arnott too. Arnott and Kostopolous would certainly be solid additions at the right price. We wrote about Arnott's suitability for the Canucks over the summer. 

Prized Canucks defensive prospect Frank "don't call me Frankie" Corrado was traded on Tuesday from the Sudbury team he captained to the Kitchener Rangers. The wrinkle? Kitchener head-coach Steve Spott cut Corrado from Team Canada's World Junior Championship roster less than a month ago. Pass it to Bulis has more. Can we assume that Frank Corrado just got a significant raise?  

Jason Botchford is fired up - and absolutely correct - about the "Luongo rule" being petty, arbitrary and objectively senseless. Here's our take on the Luongo rule from Monday evening.

More links and smart ass quickie analysis on the other side of the jump.

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The Backup Goalie Market is Pretty Thin You Guys

Cam Charron
January 08 2013 01:56PM

Should the Canucks look into making Dan Ellis a rich man again?

Digging up contract statuses for guys in European leagues is a tough chore, particularly for players who aren't particularly good. The point of the next few hundred words is to point out that the current range of National Hockey League backup goaltenders is very, very thin. Absent Eddie Lack, out with some sort of lower-body injury, the Vancouver Canucks would be without a backup if they went ahead and traded Roberto Luongo - as most expect them to do - before the season starts.

Here are the options I see: convince a guy like Alexander Auld, Andrew Raycroft, or, if familiarity (particularly familiarity with poor goaltenders) is your thing, Johan Backlund, to opt out of whatever European contract they're in and bring them over to North America to ride the pine for all but 8 or 9 games behind Cory Schneider.

Back during the shortened 1995 season, the average starting goaltender played 39 games or thereabouts during the 48-game season. We don't know yet how many games will be played, but it's reasonable to expect that a backup goalie could start nine games.

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McKenzie: Kassian to get a Look Playing with the Twins?

Thomas Drance
January 08 2013 08:47AM

It's not too often that TSN's Bob McKenzie, who is pretty much the godfather of reliable professional hockey reporting, pens a full post focussed on the Canucks. But on Monday night he covered some of the team's "big questions" headed into training camp, and dropped a handful of curious nuggets that I simply haven't seen suggested previously by Vancouver sports media.

One of the most fascinating bits of info? A suggestion that second-line power-forward Zack Kassian could get a look on the first line, moonlighting as the trigger-man for the Sedin twins.

Read past the jump.

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