Monday Musings...

Jason Gregor
January 12 2015 03:31PM

monday musings

It was another rollercoaster weekend for Oilers fans. You were on a high after Friday's convincing victory over Chicago, but the winning ride didn't last long after yesterday's loss to the Florida Panthers.

We are officially past the halfway point of the NHL season, with only the Rangers, Canucks, Panthers and Blue Jackets not playing 41 games, but we've seen 627 of 1230 games played.

Here are some thoughts on the first half and some expectations for the second.

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Canucks Army Prospect Profiles: Midterm Re-ranking

Josh W
January 12 2015 09:30AM

If you are a regular reader of Canucks Army, you know how much we love our prospects (well, except for Rhys because he hates everything).  You'll also remember that every summer, we rank and review the top 20 prospects in Vancouver's system according to our writing staff.  With the middle of the Canucks season tomorrow, we've decided to have a look back at how Vancouver's prospects have been performing this year, and do a mid-year re-ranking taking the new information we've learned into account.

But this time, we want you, yes YOU, to participate. Read past the jump to find out how! 

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The Kids Aren’t Alright

Josh W
January 11 2015 11:00AM

When they were young, their future was so bright; the old core was still alive.  And every prospect in the whole damn club was gonna make it big and not be a bust.

But Tony Gallagher said something the other day that I had to agree with, which is funny since I don’t often find myself agreeing with the man, certain people around here call "Skeletor," very often; mostly because I rarely read any of his work.  Needless to say, Gallagher had some concerns on the ice time and development of prospects down in Utica, a similar train of thought I’ve been having since covering the team closely last year.

Let’s dig into it some more shall we!

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Canucks Army Postgame - The Flame That Scores First, Scores Twice As Long

Josh W
January 10 2015 11:59PM

On Saturday night, the Canucks were scheduled to face the Calgary Flames on prime time on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada.  You knew it was going to be full of talent, exciting storylines, goals being traded back and forth and old blood boiling to the surface - what more could a hockey fan ask for?  At least, that's how it was supposed to go. Instead, that's not how this game went down and the Canucks found themselves up Schitt's Creek, losing 1-0 to the Calgary Flames.

Continue past the jump for a recap of tonight's loss.

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Babych Please - January 10th

Grainne Downey
January 10 2015 04:30PM


It's January 10th and the Canucks franchise may have hit its emotional peak for the year already. Jake Virtanen became the first Canuck to bring home a gold medal from the World Juniors since Jordan Schroeder in 2010. Multiple former-Canucks of varying importance made their return to Rogers Arena. Eddie Lack revealed some super weird eating habits. What a ride.

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