On Kevin Bieksa's Time Here and the Legacy Left Behind

J.D. Burke
July 08 2015 11:00AM

It's been a full week since the trade that sent Kevin Bieksa to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for their second-round selection in the 2016 draft. For all the noise in the build up to this trade, things have been decidedly silent since. I guess that was to be expected, given that nobody was surprised when the other shoe finally dropped. 

By that same token, it seems almost a little inappropriate. Say what you will about Bieksa's final two or three seasons in Vancouver, the guy was a warrior for this franchise on and off the ice. While the body of work is seemingly endless, more prominent and accessible examples for both these qualities can be summed up in the series-clinching goal in 2011 which sent Vancouver to it's third Stanley Cup or his invaluable work promoting mental health awareness with Mind Check. 

His body of work spanned roughly 10 seasons and saw the heart-and-soul defender suit up in 597-games for the Canucks, good for sixth-most among defenders in franchise history. What kind of legacy will the once beloved defender leave behind? Meet me on the other side of the jump to find out.

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Hockey Graphs Podcast EP 21 - Weissbock, JD Jerk, and MoneyPuck invade Hockey Graphs

Garret Hohl
July 07 2015 04:43PM


Garret and Rhys return this week and they bring some friends!

Join us after the jump (or on iTunes!) for a detailed look back at the 2015 draft with Josh Weissbock, and then "JD Jerk" and "MoneyPuck" join in for some "Free Agency Frenzy" discussion.

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Summer Thoughts: Where are the goals going to come from?

Rhys Jessop
July 07 2015 03:10PM

So far this offseason, we've had a ton of questions surrounding the state of the Canucks. We've wondered about their drafting, we've wondered about their trading, we've wondered about their front office, and we've wondered about the overall direction of the franchise. All this is big picture stuff that will have a huge effect on the team's long-term future, but the short term future of this franchise bears some examination too.

Going into the 2015-16 season, we have a pretty good idea of what the Canucks are going to look like, so we can wonder about how this team will do when the first puck drops in October. And, of course, we'll have questions we'll want answered. We always do.

Today's question: just who is going to score the goals next year?

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Laurence Gilman, Hockey Innovation, and the Future of the Canucks Front Office

money puck
July 05 2015 03:00PM

I've spent a lot of my time trying to dig through the Benning administration's first year at the helm of the Canucks, trying to find a sign of underlying genius, or at the very least a semblance of a realistic strategy the Canucks fan base can feel comfortable and confident believing in and getting behind. 

However, as the organization's missteps mount, from bad contracts to bad trades, the undercurrent of front office unrest has slowly bubbled to the surface. This culminated in the termination of Laurence Gilman, Lorne Henning, and Eric Crawford -  the some of the last remaining builders of the greatest Canucks team that ever was. 

It's hard to blame Trevor Linden too much for this debacle. With no operational hockey experience, it was always clear Linden was hired because he's a local legend and ownership was in dire need of a PR win. No one in Vancouver should have been fooled into believing he's actually been hired to run an NHL hockey team. While this episode seems destined to tarnish Linden's legacy in this city, he's not really the problem here. This is Jim Benning's team - full stop. 

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Comets Militia Report: 2015 Offseason Roster Carousel

Josh W
July 04 2015 10:00AM


Image Courtesy: UticaComets.com

While we have been busy covering all the latest additions to the Vancouver Canucks, we have been giving less coverage to some of the depth players signings with other teams.  We cannot forget the baby Canucks down in Utica as that franchise's role with Vancouver has continued to be stronger every year.

Without further ado, here are some of the roster changes down in Utica we've seen in the past two days.

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