Canucks Year in Review: Luca Sbisa

J.D. Burke
July 21 2015 11:00AM

The hockey season may be over and done with, but the wound that is this last season as a Vancouver Canucks fan is still relatively fresh. There's plenty of meat left on these bones and with the draft and the opening of free agency now in the rear view mirror, it's time we got cookin'. 

The process starts with a series of player-by-player reviews for the season that was. Today's will be centered on the much maligned, Luca Sbisa.

Let's break it all down on the other side of the jump.

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5 things: The Canucks' summer isn't going great

Ryan Lambert
July 20 2015 10:44AM

In his 5 Things column, our old pal Ryan Lambert aims the metaphorical t-shirt gun that is his trademark ire squarely at Canucks management.

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VIDEO: Watch a compilation of Jake Virtanen's finest murders from last season

Thomas Drance
July 20 2015 09:41AM

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

Vancouver Canucks top prospect Jake Virtanen didn't have the most successful draft plus-one season offensively, but there's no question that his physical game is 'NHL ready'. 

Virtanen hits like a damn truck, and has a propensity for throwing the sort of show-stopping hits that get fans out of their seats and will, in the not-too-distant future, prompt a tonne of biased instant Twitter reaction even if the hits are clean. And they're clean (mostly) and also dramatic and hilarious, as all big hockey hits should be. 

And now we can watch some of Virtanen's biggest hits from last season in a well-edited compilation totalling just a tick over three minutes, thanks to Canucks Prospects' youtube page.

Click past the jump!

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Graphic Comments: It's Miller time and boy do I need a drink

Graphic Comments
July 18 2015 10:00AM


Well, it's been over a week since the Canucks held their annual Summer Summit event for season ticket holders. It's basically an orgy of wasted food and discounted merchandise followed by a chance to hear from the Canucks brain trust and even ask them a few questions.

As you can expect, it was a complete train wreck this year, given some of the player decisions the team has made lately. You can watch it in all it's glory here.

But the one thing I'm still not quite over is the bomb dropped by Jim Benning in response to fans voicing their displeasure at the Eddie Lack trade. I'm not even sure Benning intended to let this one out of the bag, but he did. 

And oof.

The Canucks could have moved Ryan Miller and his $12 million contract, but chose not to. Instead, they chose to move the cheaper, and better, Eddie Lack.

So yeah. I need a drink.

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When Will Brock Boeser Sign with the Canucks?

Josh W
July 17 2015 12:24PM

If you are paying attention to the news around the hockey world this summer, you know that 2015 NHL draft picks (primarily first rounders) are being signed in droves over the past few weeks. One player that hasn't signed is 

Vancouver Canucks prospect Brock Boeser, a forward drafted in the first-round out of the USHL who is committed to the University of North Dakota.

NCAA athletes take a slightly-different development path in sports, since the NCAA has strict rules on who is and is not an amateur athlete while leagues do their best to continue to allow their prospects maintain the eligible status.

With that it leaves us to wonder when will the Canucks will sign Brock Boeser to an entry-level contract?

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