Canucks Army Prospect Report - April 15th, 2015

Josh W
April 15 2015 11:00AM


Dane Fox's 30th Goal of the Year - Courtesy: Sarah_Hobday

We are back with another edition of the Canucks Weekly Prospect Report, where I dig into all the latest stats, rumours, gossip, news, achievements, and even made up stories from around the different junior hockey leagues. We look into the play of all (non-AHL) Canucks prospects from the CHL, NCAA, Europe, and even the ECHL.

Without further ado, continue past the jump to see what went down!

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April 15 2015 09:00AM

You probably didn't sleep last night did you? Understandable, I mean, it's the first day of playoffs! Game 1 is finally here and just hours away. We've heard all the series previews and predictions and now its time to play the games for real. Canucks and Flames, best of 7, TONIGHT!

The Canucks have quite the seasoned team going into this post season and despite what the experts say, if a few things go their way, Vancouver might be able to accomplish something they've never done: beat the Flames in less than 7 games (not counting the best of 5 series). OH, you thought I meant the Cu....It's Game ONE, settle down.

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April 15 2015 07:01AM

It's very easy to overlook Oliver Kylington based on his boxcar numbers but the resume is strong and the scouting report impressive. He arrived in the Swedish Hockey League at 16 and could be the best skating defender available at this summer's draft. Oliver Kylington is a significant talent.

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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames - Round 1 Preview

Rhys Jessop
April 14 2015 04:06PM

This post is part of the Nation Network's Playoff Preview series, running this week at NHLNumbers. For more of our series previews and projections, head over to

Ah, it sure is good to be back. It's been a year since the Vancouver Canucks were last in the playoffs, but for Calgary, it has been much longer than that - this season puts an end to a streak of five consecutive on the outside looking in come mid-April. And with Vancouver having the most successful period of their (admittedly pretty sad and depressing) franchise history over that same time span, the once red-hot Canucks-Flames rivalry has kind of fizzled to just a spark of what it once was.

The two teams now get a chance to rekindle this rivalry in their first playoff meeting since 2003-2004. How can we expect this series to shake down, and who's going to come out on top? Find out on the other side of the jump.

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Here Comes The Nation Draft Playoff Pool!

Justin Fisher
April 14 2015 11:31AM


Weeks ago, Toronto Maple Leafs fans gave up on the idea that they'd get to enjoy any type of playoff success this season. Well, Leafs fans are silly people, they should've given up on that in October! 

In all seriousness even sad sack Toronto sports fans can get in on the playoff fun this year with the Nations Draft Playoff Pool. It's way better than the actual real playoffs, and you can enter here at

Read on for more details!

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