Canucks Army GDT #61 - Canucks @ Sabres

Rhys Jessop
February 26 2015 01:13PM

The Vancouver Canucks will look to close out an already successful five-game Eastern Conference road swing on Thursday night against the Buffalo Sabres, a historically bad team. 

Read past the jump for your game prep!

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Jim Benning on goalies: 'It's important to have good goaltenders coming through your system'

Thomas Drance
February 26 2015 12:30PM

Vancouver is called goalieville for a reason.

Long a goaltender graveyard, the Vancouver Canucks enjoyed the luxury of leaning on elite goaltending for a decade during the Roberto Luongo era. During the short-lived Cory Schneider era too. It didn't end well, as we all well know, but the on-ice results were sparkling. 

From 2007 through 2014 the Canucks enjoyed the third highest 5-on-5 save percentage in the league, behind only the Boston Bruins and the Dave Tippett and Sean Burke Phoenix Coyotes. For our purposes, Boston is the relevant team to note, since that's where Canucks general manager Jim Benning cut his teeth as a front office executive. 

Perhaps we haven't paid enough attention in the first nine months or so of Benning's tenure to the emphasis Vancouver's rookie general manager seems to place on quality goaltending. Read past the jump for more.

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What Would You Do Thursday: Navigate the Trade Deadline

Rhys Jessop
February 26 2015 11:00AM

It's time again for a mid-week favourite: What Would You Do, where we put you in charge of the Vancouver Canucks and ask you to figure out how to solve a problem facing the team in the comments section. This week though, we're giving you total control of the hypothetical Canucks and asking you to be Jim Benning on NHL trade deadline day.

So what would you do on Monday? Read past the jump to join the discussion!

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Canucks Trade Deadline 2015 Infographic: Deadline Day History

Matthew Henderson
February 26 2015 09:00AM

Deadline Header

With the trade deadline this coming Monday, here's a graphical look back at what the Vancouver Canucks have done on deadline day over the years.

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Canucks Trade Deadline 2015: Unsolicited Advice for Trader Jim

money puck
February 25 2015 01:00PM

Back in November, I predicted that the Canucks were likely to make the playoffs. They started the year with a 16-7-1 record, which I felt at the time provided enough of a head start to enable them to make the playoffs by just being able to play better than .500 hockey for the rest of the season. Fast forward to today and the Canucks have gone 18-15-2 since December 1st, and the Canucks are very much in the thick of the playoff race in the West, sitting 2nd overall in the Pacific.

With a playoff berth looking more and more like a probability rather than a possibility, how should Jim Benning approach his first deadline as an NHL general manager? I'll have a look after the jump.

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