Canucks Army Postgame: Kings act out, Canucks can't win anyway

Cat Silverman
October 22 2016 11:26PM


(It resulted in a loss, but hey! Who's counting, really?)

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October 22 2016 01:00PM


Just when you think the Canucks are doing well, they find a way to raise the stakes even higher. Welcome to a world where the Canucks are 4-0.

The Canucks are in California for the weekend, double dipping in the south with matchups against the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks. Tonight your Canucks look to stay undefeated as the folks down on South La Brea. The Kings, on the other hand, are headed in a much different direction than the Canucks, having just registered their first win on Thursday against the Dallas Stars.

The first matchup of the year against L.A is usually the one that sets the bar, so hopefully it lives up to the usual hype. Even though the teams are quite different than when the rivalry was heated back in 2010-ish, these are still valuable points in the Pacific division and none of these are gimmes.

Let's keep this thing going!

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Enjoy the 2016-17 Canucks While you Still can

J.D. Burke
October 22 2016 09:35AM

Nothing screams masochism like the self-inflicted indemnity of Canucks' fandom. Some are born into it; others convert willingly later in life. And they all suffer alike like clockwork.

To borrow a psychological term from grade school, you've 'killed your idol' more times than you can keep track. In many of those instances, the city's collectively redeemed those same idols only to sacrifice them at the altar not long thereafter.

You've watched your team make the Stanley Cup Final thrice, seen them get within a game of winning it twice, and watched your city burn on each regrettable occasion. Success is always short lived and a step short of the grand prize, and even then, you have to suffer each short-lived run for at least twice its lifespan. Remember the good old days of #EmbraceTheHate? What a time.

So I can hardly blame Canucks fans when they lose track of perspective. What's the point in enjoying anything short of the Stanley Cup at this stage? I mean, you've seen everything short of that, a hundred times over.

At some point, though, nihilism gets old. Now and then it's fun to unburden one's self of expectations and just enjoy what's laid plainly before them. Which brings us to the upstart 4-0 Canucks, they of the whopping 28-minutes spent with the lead.

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Where Are The Critics Of Jim Benning's Off-Season Moves Now?

Graphic Comments
October 21 2016 05:27PM


VANCOUVER - The online statistical geniuses, who make their hockey assessments via charts and graphs, all but murdered Jim Benning when he traded for Eric Gudbranson.

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Canucks Army Roundtable: Plan the Parade

Matthew Henderson
October 21 2016 03:00PM


The Canucks are 4-0 and at the top of the NHL. We all saw this coming, right? Wait, 4-0 not 0-4? Well then. It's very early in the season, but regardless, seeing the Canucks at the top of the standings at any point of the season is a surprise. It hasn't been pretty, and it's hard to say if it's sustainable to expect the Canucks to at least keep on a winning path, but wins are wins and they go into California with a clean record. With that in mind, I asked our writers if this 4-0 start has changed anything on their perception of the Canucks. Here's what they said!

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