Canucks Army Midterm Prospect Rankings #9: Carl Neill

Jackson McDonald
January 19 2017 11:15AM


It's been a bit of a down year for a lot of Canucks prospects, especially defenders. Carl Neill has bucked that trend, scoring at over a point-per game this season in the Q, with a relatively unimpressive supporting cast. The caveat is that he's done so as an overager, so that type of production is more expected than it is encouraging. He's also cooled off a bit since being traded from the Sherbrooke Phoenix to the Charlottetown Islanders, but he's still shown enough to clock in at #9 on our consensus rankings.

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Fun With the CBA! Andrey Pedan's Waivers Are Expiring

Jeremy Davis
January 19 2017 09:00AM


Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

Andrey Pedan has done plenty of travelling this season between the NHL and the American League, although he's only managed to play games in the latter league. I had hoped that he would start the year with the team, considering him better than some of their other options, and advocated strongly against waiving the 22-year defenceman.

But the Canucks waived him anyways, and he went unclaimed. No harm done.

However, Pedan has since been recalled three times, and although Willie Desjardins hasn't inserted him into an lineup yet, the Canucks are about to run out of time and have to make a decision on whether to keep Pedan - or they'll have to risk exposing him on waivers for the second time this season.

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Canucks Army Midterm Prospect Rankings: #10 Dmitry Zhukenov

J.D. Burke
January 18 2017 09:49PM


Dmitry Zhukenov is a player that many in this space expected a leap forward from this season. Perhaps no one more so than yours truly.

Playing in his second year with the Chicoutimi Sagueneens, Zhukenov's failed to build on a strong if unspectacular start to his North American career. Playing in the Sagueneens' top six, Zhukenov has 37 points in 39 games. For Zhukenov to start to impress upon us his long-term NHL prospects, he's going to have to start translating his high-end hockey sense and awareness into tangible production.

For now, though, Zhukenov checks out as the tenth ranked prospect in the Canucks Army Midterm Prospect Rankings. Exactly where he was when we last checked in.

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Alexandre Burrows Highlights TSN's Annual Trade Bait Lists

J.D. Burke
January 18 2017 01:00PM


Photo Credit: Sergei Belski - USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline is about as fun as it gets, no matter what your affiliation with the sport is. If you can book the time off work or school, it's appointment viewing. If you can't book the time off either, you're suddenly struck ill -- if you catch my drift.

It certainly doesn't hurt that the leading Canadian sports networks hype it up for months in advance. Nobody is more active with their cabal of insiders as TSN, though, and they're already sending the frenzied season of roster activity into second gear.

We're still about a month and a half away from the deadline, but that hasn't stopped TSN from releasing their trade bait board. You can find Alexandre Burrows smack dab in the teens too. So let's dive in.

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Alex Grenier and Borna Rendulic will be Group VI UFA

Ryan Biech
January 18 2017 11:00AM


Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin - USA TODAY Sports

Late last month, I broke down why Anton Rodin would become a Group VI UFA at the conclusion of the season. Since that post, I have confirmed that my conclusion is correct.

To further clarify the Canucks situation going forward, I've looked at other players who might be affected by similar rules. That brought to my attention that current farm-hands Alexandre Grenier and Borna Rendulic would also become Group VI UFA's at the conclusion of this season.

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