Canucks First Round of Cuts Send 6 Back to Junior

Jeremy Davis
September 26 2016 05:46PM


Photo credit: Vancouver Canucks twitter (@canucks)

Canucks GM Jim Benning mentioned on the radio earlier today that the first round of roster cuts was forthcoming, and it has indeed arrived. The Canucks have sent six players back to their junior teams, with the intention of getting them into game action - the WHL, OHL, and QMJHL regular seasons are already underway. Read on to see who got the axe and who survived.

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What They're Saying: A New Year, New Faces, Same Expectations

Vanessa Jang
September 26 2016 05:00PM

The Canucks are finally reuniting after a long off-season of training, rehabilitation and roster transactions for training camp. Players and management are getting swarmed by fans and media alike, hoping for the opportunity to get something out of the Canucks as they embark on their year-long journey.

A lot can happen in four months. For the players, they're afforded the time to work on their game and improve on individual skills. For Canucks General Manager Jim Benning and co. they get the time needed to try and add to what they feel is a playoff bound roster.

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Canucks Army Monday Mailbag: September 26th

J.D. Burke
September 26 2016 03:00PM


The Vancouver Canucks training camp is officially underway, and the pre-season isn't all that far behind. We're so damn close to the regular season. Even closer than the last three or so times I pointed out how close we were.

The Canucks added Jack Skille to a professional tryout and Jacob Trouba's demanded a trade. That's what's happened in the last week or so. Oh, and of course, the Canucks camp and scrimmages from Whistler. This, after the Canucks held their annual Young Stars Tournament in Penticton. Everything is happening.

This is where the inane small-talk ends, and I get to your questions. You know the drill.

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How the American Forecheck Backfired in the World Cup

J.D. Burke
September 26 2016 01:00PM

When the Vancouver Canucks moved on from Alain Vigneault in advance of the 2013-14 season, the move was understandable if overdue. Even Vigneault's most ardent supporters recognized that he'd passed his best before date. Less palatable was the Canucks decision to replace him with John Tortorella.

It wasn't just that the two represented opposing philosophies and approaches. Frankly, it was that Tortorella's style just hadn't adapted to the rapidly evolving NHL. Certainly nothing from his time with the New York Rangers suggested as much. And you know what they say about a leopard changing their spots -- they don't.

You could point to his storied and colourful history as a motivator and not be wrong in that context. More concerning, though, was that his systems were easily exploitable and often were. Sure, it was refreshing to hear 'safe is death' after years of the Canucks' conservative nature with leads, but it didn't make practical sense over an 82 game season.

Watching the United States struggle mightily as they did invoked flashbacks of this most forgettable of Canucks seasons. In case you thought a year on the sideline might afford him the opportunity to change his approach, that hasn't been the case. And with the implementation of new zonal tracking software, we can quantify the extent to which Tortorella's human-wave forecheck hurt his team in the Round Robin portion of this tournament. 

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pGPS 2016 Draft Extravaganza: Pacific Division

Jeremy Davis
September 26 2016 12:00PM

Draft Review - pacific

Image created by the great and wonderful Matt Henderson.

Well, we’re inching closer to the start of the hockey season, but before we get there, it’s time for the Big Unveiling of the full 2016 NHL Entry pGPS data set. I know. Try to contain your excitement.

Taking on the entire draft at once already produces a massive amount of information, but this year’s review is so replete with beautiful charts fashioned by our very own Petbugs, it would simply be outrageous to try to fit it into one article. That’s while we’ll be taking this journey one division at a time, with a league-wide overview at the end.

We’ll start with the Pacific Division and move east. No #eastcoastbias here! Why? Because it needed an arbitrary starting point and this endeavour originated in Vancouver. Plus, the Pacific has the highest volume of Nation Network affiliated teams, so they get preferential treatment I guess. Let’s dive in.

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