Daniel Sedin: Snakebitten no more

Dimitri Filipovic
February 19 2014 03:28AM


When the term "Miracle on Ice" gets mentioned, you've been conditioned to think of the US national team upsetting the powerhouse Soviet Union in the 1980 Winter Olympics. At least that was the case prior to Wednesday February 19th, 2014. Sometime around 1:30 AM PST the most unforeseen, unrealistic, and unimaginable of events took place as you slept. 

Daniel Sedin scored a goal. I assure you that this isn't part of some elaborate and cruel dream state that you're still in. I have video evidence to prove it just past the jump.

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Team Canada Men's Hockey Team 3 Games In Awards

The Stanchion
February 18 2014 11:45AM


You know things have come to a screeching halt in Canucks Nation when you are pondering doing a "Where Are They Now?" piece on Mason freaking Raymond.

I am a big believer in not forcing through articles that I don't believe in, so rather than bore you all with an introspective look on Mason Raymond's year with the Leafs (Fun Fact: He had pancakes for breakfast yesterday....please don't face check that Dimitri), I figure I might as well use this Olympic break to simply talk about the main attraction of the Olympics (my apologies to curling fan Cam Charron), the men's hockey tournament. Since everything is sped up during a tournament like this, and one game can make the difference between excellent showing versus "You let our country down, we hope you burn in a fire", I figured it would be fun to hand out awards based on the world's smallest sample size of three games.

Who has impressed? Who has failed? Who has surprised? Let's dive into this and find out!

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Is PK Subban really any "risker" than any of his contemporaries?

That's Offside!
February 17 2014 07:52PM

Image via Jean Levac

By now you're all well aware of the narratives surrounding Mike Babcock, P.K. Subban, and Team Canada's personnel decisions. And let's face it, there was going to be controversy surrounding them no matter which players were scratched and which were dressed. We Canadians panic a lot about small things like this. It's just what we do. 

But at the same time, the reigning Norris Trophy winner as last year's consensus best defenseman in the known universe was scratched yesterday in favour of three inglorious minutes from Dan Hamhuis, as Canada just barely squeaked by a Finnish team that's probably not even as deep as the Buffalo Sabres by a 2-1 score in overtime.

It's not exactly a stretch to say that they probably could've used the services of one Pernell Karl..

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Getting Luckier

Justin Azevedo
February 17 2014 03:09PM

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 11.25.31 AM

Lots of people might be worried about the Canadian men's hockey team right now. My advice? You probably shouldn't be. As much as people are focusing on the negative, there's a lot of positive arrows - including their three wins.

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CA Top 20 Prospect Midterm Report: #20-11

Dimitri Filipovic
February 17 2014 10:57AM

Image via Utica Comets

Something that you'll notice when it comes to professional sports is that there's an inverse relationship between how good the parent club is, and how much interest the fanbase has in how the up-and-coming prospects are doing. 

As long as the NHL team is winning and staying relevant, most people generally speaking are indifferent to the state of the system. Just keeping winning. As soon as the cyclical nature of the sport begins to take a hold, fans start looking down to the minors in the hopes that there are some sort of reinforcements on the way. Is something on the way that'll right this ship?

It's tough to safe with the Canucks. They're still not considered as having an overly deep or strong pool of young talent in the system, but things are definitely trending upwards (having two picks in the top 24 of a good draft certainly doesn't hurt in that regard). It takes time cultivating a proper system.

Just past the jump we'll take a look back at our Top-20 prospects from this past summer, and try to assess how they've done, and what they're tracking towards moving forward.

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