Nation Network Prospect Profiles: #1 Auston Matthews

Ryan Biech
June 22 2016 08:00AM

We've saved the best for last!

Coming in as the number one ranked player in our consensus 2016 NHL Draft Rankings, is Scottsdale, Arizona native Auston Matthews.

Born two days after the cut-off for the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, Matthews has been the consensus number one draft eligible player for the entire season. There have been some in the hockey world suggesting that Patrik Laine could go first overall, but it's clear that Matthews is the most complete and well-rounded prospect available and will likely go first overall.

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Canucks Army Free Agent Profiles: Dale Weise

Adam Laskaris
June 21 2016 05:04PM

Dale Weise scored a goal in the 2016 playoffs for the Chicago Blackhawks, in the four games he played of their seven game series. Dale Weise had an assist in the fifteen regular season games he played for the Blackhawks.  In total, he picked up two points in nineteen games- not exactly the most impressive resume.

To be fair to Weise, this sort of disappearance was rather out of character for his general career path. Known for a few clutch moments in Montreal in the playoffs and being a bit of a shift-distruber, Weise just didn't really fit into the Blackhawks in his time there.

But for whatever reason, Chicago Dale Weise wasn't anywhere close to the same player production wise like he'd been come to be known in his career.

Heading into the offseason, will this recency bias affect Weise's value?

If he returns to his regular form, he's proven himself as a dependable player and is right in the glory years of his career at age 27: but does he fit into Vancouver?

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Making Trades: Moving up to 3rd overall

Ryan Biech
June 21 2016 01:00PM

The draft is upon us this week, with speculation and rumours running rampant as teams get ready for the big weekend.

Over the past few weeks, there have been suggestions that the Columbus Blue Jackets, who currently possess the 3rd overall pick, would consider trading down. If that is the case, the Canucks should be at least interested. The price would need to make sense, but it's clear that there is a difference between Jesse Puljujarvi and whoever will be available at 5th overall.

The Canucks are not in a position to put together a package of picks and prospects, but with some creativity, there could be a deal to be had.

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Canucks Draft Gems Retrospective - Part Six: Matt Cooke

Taylor Perry
June 21 2016 11:00AM

Matt Cooke, Left Wing, 6th round, 144th overall, 1997 Draft

By rights, Matt Cooke should have never wound up in a Vancouver Canucks uniform. He was a bit player on an awful 1996 Windsor Spitfires team – scoring only 19 points in 61 games – and was overlooked by all 26 team at the 1996 NHL Entry Draft. The confident Belleville, Ontario native, however, decided to try out for the Toronto Maple Leafs at their training camp that September.

Cooke left a lasting impression, impressing the Leafs’ coaching and managerial brass with his hard-nosed play and tenacity. The Leafs decided to offer the walk-on player a professional contract, which the young winger happily signed. That should have been the end of the story. Except, of course, it was anything but.

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Nation Network Prospect Profile #2: Patrik Laine

Garret Hohl
June 21 2016 07:00AM

Our number two ranked prospect started the season rated as the third best prospect in the draft, only to have a historic season and push himself to second (and have some discussing him as a possible first) rated prospect for the 2016 NHL Entry draft.

Hailing from Tampere Finland, the elite goalscorer Patrik Laine comes next in our prospect profile series.

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