WWYDW: Rapid Expansion

Jackson McDonald
December 21 2016 09:00AM


Alright soldiers, I hope you're all ready to cozy up by the non-denominational Holiday Fire and lend this season the significance of your choosing, because this week it's a very special Winter Holiday Edition of What Would You Do Wednesday. 

Expansion discussions have re-emerged this week, with Luca Sbisa approaching the games played requirement, and Ryan Biech and JD Burke discussing different options the Canucks could have for which players could be left unprotected. 

So, this week's question is: which players would you protect in the expansion draft? Which would you expose?  Here's a review of the rules for those that need reminding: 

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Taylor Perry
December 21 2016 12:04AM


Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin - USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets paid a visit to Vancouver Tuesday evening, in the first game of a rare set of consecutive contests in the same city. They also happened to show why they are one of the most perplexing - and tantalizing - teams in the NHL this season. After looking like world beaters in the first period, the Jets fell back as the Canucks took over the game in the second and skated away with a well-deserved 4-1 victory.

Jannik Hansen and Sven Baertschi were the offensive stories of the night, and Jacob Markstrom had another fine performance in goal. And with the Sedins coming back to life with their usual linemate, this was, aside from the first twenty minutes, one of the Canucks more solid efforts of the season.

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Anton Rodin will be a Group VI UFA

Ryan Biech
December 20 2016 01:00PM


Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin - USA TODAY Sports

Anton Rodin made his return to game action this past week, after nursing a nagging knee injury reaggravated in the pre-season. After suffering a cut tendon in January in the SHL, Rodin appeared in the pre-season for the Canucks and looked poised to provide some secondary offence for a team in need of it.

Unfortunately, his injury forced him from the Canucks lineup to regain strength in that same knee. It will be fascinating to see how he can adapt the NHL in the middle of a long overdue rookie season. 

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Brandon Sutter is the Canucks' 4th Best Centre and Shouldn't be Protected in the Expansion Draft

J.D. Burke
December 20 2016 11:00AM


Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin - USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Sutter's counting stats don't tell the story of a struggling centre lost in the Canucks lineup. He's second on the Canucks in goals with nine, and his current pace has him on course for 46 points at season's end.

On the surface, the Canucks are getting everything they could ask of Sutter. Sutter's played everywhere. On the first, second and third lines alike. He's a staple on the Canucks first unit power play and penalty kill too. There isn't a forward role Sutter hasn't at one point filled.

We're at a point now, though, where the sample is such that we can begin to ponder whether that usage is in the Canucks' best interests. Just as important, we can discern where Sutter fits in the bigger picture and how that should affect the Canucks' plans with the expansion draft looming.

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December 20 2016 01:00AM

jets jets

How much do you like the Jets? Lots? Well, get ready for the first game of a double-double against the high flying (in name, anyway) Canadian franchise. It's pretty rare you see the same team back to back in your building unless its junior hockey but the NHL employs the best schedule makers so this is where we stand.

This used to be a pretty good rivalry and now it's kinda meh. Thankfully each team has a Tanev brother so we'll end up talking a tonne about that. The Canucks came close to beating the Blue Jackets on Sunday so their resiliency to hang around is getting better. Let's see where they go tonight.

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