Beware of What Zone Starts are Telling You, Part II: Shot Metrics

Jeremy Davis
November 04 2016 06:03PM

In Part I of this series on zone starts, we discussed how coaches' are limited in their ability to completely control line deployment, particularly when we talking about only offensive and defensive zone shift starts (which make up a very small portion of all shift starts), as well as why the difference between zone starts and shift starts further muddies the relation between metrics like ZSR or OZS% and the actual intention of the coaches.

I hinted at the end that while starting in a specific zone has a large effect on the shot metrics for that particular shift, the overall effect of zone starts on measures like Corsi and Fenwick is actually quite small. In Part II of this series, we'll explore why that is the case, and discuss how metrics that adjust for zone starts function.

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Dangle Says Words

Steve Dangle
November 04 2016 05:47PM

Hi everybody! It's annoying Leafs person.

WAIT! Wait... This isn't a Leafs blog.

The Nation Network overlord people thought it would be fun for me to try a weekly nation-wide post. I told them that I don't get nearly enough hate on the Sportsnet Facebook page so that sounds like a great idea.

FullSizeRender (2)

Here's a few things I thought were noteworthy this week.

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Canucks Recall Troy Stecher, Again

Jeremy Davis
November 04 2016 02:41PM

Stecher shutting down McDavid, just like Cole Cassels used to do

The Canucks have announced that they have recalled Troy Stecher from the Utica Comets for the second time in a week and a half. Fear not! The dark days of a Stecher-less roster are at an end!

The call up is pretty clearly in response to injuries to the top Vancouver pairing of Alex Edler and more specifically Chris Tanev, whom Stecher replaced in his previous Vancouver stint.

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Babych Please - November 4th, 2016

Grainne Downey
November 04 2016 11:00AM


The Canucks have not been fun to watch thus far. This is probably because they are not a very good hockey team. Luckily, they are good at other things! For example, they are good at playing fun games of soccer with their friends and they are good at inviting dogs to watch them play hockey. So at least there's that.

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Sedins at the Forefront of an Inept Canucks Offence, and Hardly to Blame

J.D. Burke
November 04 2016 09:00AM


Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin - USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks haven't just come back down to Earth. Losers of seven straight, they've crashed right through to the very core and everyone's feeling the heat.

Neither management nor coaching has been immune. To the surprise of many, neither have the team's best players. In what's become an annual ritual, the Sedins have come under scrutiny for the club's inability to generate offence.

The thing to remember, though, is that we're talking about players entering their late-thirties. They've a role to play in this club's malaise. Nothing that we couldn't have - or rather, shouldn't have - seen coming though.

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