Canucks Army Postgame #12: Living On A Prayer

Jackson McDonald
November 05 2016 10:31PM

Kurt Vonnegut once said that there is nothing intelligent to say about a massacre. I'm going to do my best, because tonight's game was about as close as hockey can get to one. 

We'll get to the shenanigans in a moment, but believe it or not, there was actually a game of hockey played tonight. We'll unpack it after the jump.

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November 05 2016 01:34PM

Liquor Depot. Best Selection. Best Prices.



Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin - USA TODAY Sports

You waited all week for this one. 

There are a handful of games we all look forward to every year and this one ranks pretty highly. Even Ryan Kesler came out of the dark room to see this one. Your Vancouver Canucks haven't scored all week and the Leafs are coming off back to back wins against the Sabres and Oilers.

As injuries mount for Vancouver, these games will get tougher and tougher to watch. Thankfully, at some point, the Canucks will start scoring again and maybe we can complain about which goaltender to start.

I dunno, I'm reaching for moral victories.

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Jim Benning speaks: The Aquilinis, Desjardins, Virtanen, and Trade Rumours

Vanessa Jang
November 04 2016 09:08PM

The Canucks have experienced the highs and lows in the first month of the regular season. Starting out 4-0-1 was considered an accomplishment for the team, but most knew that they were bound to be challenged as their schedule became more and more tight. They've lost seven in a row and are back in the all-too-familiar bottom section of the league. Several thoughts have popped up during this time - Willie Desjardins' coaching, Jake Virtanen's ice-time situation, Jim Benning's search for a 20-goal scorer, and the autonomy that the ownership group has supposedly provided.

Jim Benning was on the air with TSN 1040 earlier today to discuss these topics.

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Canucks Army Roundtable: No Squad Goals

Matthew Henderson
November 04 2016 06:58PM


I don't know if you've noticed, but the Canucks are having a hard time scoring goals. They have been shutout four times in five games, and though they have been getting some chances, there is major cause for worry if you're hoping to turn things around. Will it be a proven veteran notching the next one? A lucky bounce? Who knows. I decided to have some fun with it and ask our writers who they think will be the next to light the lamp.

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Beware of What Zone Starts are Telling You, Part II: Shot Metrics

Jeremy Davis
November 04 2016 06:03PM

In Part I of this series on zone starts, we discussed how coaches' are limited in their ability to completely control line deployment, particularly when we talking about only offensive and defensive zone shift starts (which make up a very small portion of all shift starts), as well as why the difference between zone starts and shift starts further muddies the relation between metrics like ZSR or OZS% and the actual intention of the coaches.

I hinted at the end that while starting in a specific zone has a large effect on the shot metrics for that particular shift, the overall effect of zone starts on measures like Corsi and Fenwick is actually quite small. In Part II of this series, we'll explore why that is the case, and discuss how metrics that adjust for zone starts function.

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