WWYDW: Who Next?

J.D. Burke
August 25 2016 09:00AM


Well, by the sounds of it the Vancouver Canucks missed out on Jiri Hudler. The Dallas Stars were able to lock down the Czech utility forward, agreeing to terms on a one-year pact valued at $2-million.

That's one less middle-six scorer on the open market. I've heard the Canucks are looking for one such player right now, too. So, I guess it's back to the drawing board. There are a couple of free agents left, but it's going to require some high-end creativity to find the type of player they feel their lineup needs.

So, do you have any suggestions? What should the Canucks do to put the finishing touches on their lineup? Trade suggestions, free agency... hell, standing pat even. What's your suggestion?

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CanucksArmy Prospect Profiles: #7 Jordan Subban

Tyler Horsfall
August 24 2016 09:00AM


Coming in at seventh in our consensus rankings is Jordan Subban. The 2013 fourth rounder made his professional hockey debut in the AHL this past season.

Subban had an illustrious OHL career where he registered 165 points in 253 games, including being a nearly point-per-game defender for the last three seasons he played in Belleville. He also brings a much-needed offensive punch to the Canucks' prospect pool. He possesses great puck-moving and playmaking abilities combined with an excellent shot that he is not afraid to fire off. His offensive upside is massive, and something that is very valuable to the organization moving forward.

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Canucks Army Prospect Profiles #8: Andrey Pedan

Jackson McDonald
August 23 2016 09:31AM


At times, fans and media alike are guilty of undervaluing NHL-readiness when it comes to prospects. When a player has spent a number of years on the cusp of making the jump to the NHL, it's easy to forget how difficult it is just to get that far. Regardless of how much offensive upside some of the other prospects in the Canucks' system may have, the 13 games Andrey Pedan played at the NHL level last season are quite likely 13 more than some of the players we've already listed will ever play. 

Pedan's status as a hard-nosed defensive defenceman isn't likely to endear him to the spreadsheet and pocket-protector crowd, but the fact remains that these types of players are still useful, and remain highly sought after in the modern NHL. More importantly, the emphasis on numbers-based evaluation has on occasion led many of us in the blogosphere to underestimate young players that have made their name playing an old-school brand of hockey. When we have only 13 games of action to go on, many of which were played out of position, it's prudent to remember that Pedan's reputation as a rough-and-tumble stay-at-home defenceman does not preclude him from being a good NHL player in the near future. 

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Canucks Army Monday Mailbag: August 22nd

J.D. Burke
August 22 2016 11:00AM


Well, the Olympics are over. That was a fun couple of weeks. I'd be lying if I said I paid any serious amount of attention, but it sounds like the Canadians did fairly well for themselves too which is neat. Oh, Canada, and so on.

In terms of hockey news, Jimmy Vesey picked a team. He signed with, of all teams, the New York Rangers. Interesting pick on Vesey's part. Not sure what he sees in that particular team, but power to him, I suppose. I mean, their forward depth is great, and I love much of what they've done this off-season. That blue line though.

The Canucks? Well, they had another quiet week. Oh well. Somehow you still have questions. You know the drill.

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Canucks Army Prospect Profile: #9 Tate Olson

Ryan Biech
August 22 2016 09:00AM


An unknown coming into this past season, 2015 7th round pick Tate Olson checks in as the 9th best prospect in our consensus rankings for the Canucks just a short year late.

Slipping under the radar for the first part of the season, TSN's Craig Button had Tate Olson as the 4th best prospect in the organization in February. This raised some eyebrows amongst Canucks faithful but under further evaluation, it's clear what Button sees in the Prince George defenceman.

Now the question is, how was Olson still available with the 210th overall pick?

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