Odds and Ends: Archibald, Friesen, Cracknell, and Comets coaching shuffle

Ryan Biech
July 07 2016 09:00AM

Summer is here!

Well, if you don't look out the window -- but it means the news is a little slower these days. Some news stories that happen throughout the week are not worth a full post, but when a few happen over the course of a day, it's worth noting.

Throughout the summer and into next season, I will continue the 'Odds and Ends' posts to grab those minor stories that aren't noteworthy, but are still worth being covered.

So with that, let's look at the smaller stores in Canucks-nation this past week!

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WWYDW: Anything Else?

J.D. Burke
July 06 2016 09:00AM


The Vancouver Canucks made it through the draft and free agency, adding a first line winger and a potential first pairing defender. That's a hell of a two-week stretch, if you ask me.

They've still got money, though, and with money comes options. Canucks General Manager Jim Benning has about $4.1-million of room to spend on those options, should he choose to take Vancouver to the upper limits of the cap. And more than a few choice free agents, or trade targets, to spend them on. And we're not even at arbitration season yet. Who knows how many pieces will shake free from that process.

With that in mind, what moves would you like the Canucks to make this off-season? You've got $4.1-million to spend and players to trade however you choose. Try to make it realistic, though.

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Linden Vey signs with Calgary Flames

Ryan Biech
July 05 2016 01:10PM

Linden Vey has signed a one year two-way contract with the Calgary Flames:

Vey became an un-restricted free agent after the Canucks did not tender a qualifying offer prior to the deadline to do so. 

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Report: Canucks and Jacob Markstrom working towards contract extension

Ryan Biech
July 05 2016 10:46AM

With July 1st in the rear view mirror, hockey news is few and far between, but that doesn't appear to be stopping Canucks management from getting some work done. According to News 1130, they are speaking with 26 year old goaltender Jacob Markstrom on a contract extension

Markstrom will be a un-restriced free agent at the conclusion of the 2016-17 season, so it isn't surprising that they are trying to lock him up now.

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Canucks Army Monday Mailbag: July 4th

J.D. Burke
July 04 2016 01:00PM


First of all, Happy Independence Day to all our American readers. Here's a fun fact: I used to live in the United States. Spent three years living in Concord, California, which is a suburb of San Francisco. Went to many a San Jose Sharks game and was even pied on the jumbotron. Anyways, go America... for today.

Getting back to the Vancouver Canucks, though, there are quite a few new faces in town. Chief among them is Loui Eriksson, formerly of the Boston Bruins. The Canucks are better today than they were before free agency. Just a question now of how much better.

Speaking of questions, you were kind enough to ask a few, so I'll return the favour in spades by answering them!

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