Vancouver Canucks Reassign Brendan Gaunce, Alex Biega and Jacob Markstrom

J.D. Burke
November 05 2015 06:27PM

As the Canucks fight their way back to relative health, reinforcements become less and less necessary. Vancouver took a large step today towards culling the herd, assigning Alex Biega and Brendan Gaunce to the Utica Comets. 

Jacob Markstrom will be joining those two, courtesy of a conditioning stint. The Canucks backup netminder is set to return from a hamstring injury, sustained in the days prior to the season opener. 

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Canucks Training Camp Invitees: How are they Doing Now?

Josh W
November 05 2015 01:21PM

The Canucks went into their training camps this year with a very bare roster, keeping invitees to a minimum. This is not common; often, the invitation system is used as a platform by NHL front offices to get their eyes on talent that they might want to add to the roster. Jim Benning might make us scratch our heads with some of his management decisions, but he does have an eye for talent.  This makes the few players he did invite much more desirable to keep tabs on. 

Outside of Utica Comets skaters the Canucks only invited 4 players to the camp: Rodrigo Abols, Jon Martin, Reid Gardiner and Jackson Whistle. Given their draft status, it isn't possible to sign them now; they must be drafted in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. They'd be older picks if the Canucks were to take a chance, but let's take a look at how they have been performing in their first month back in the CHL.

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Blackfish: Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Report - November 5th, 2015

Josh W
November 05 2015 10:11AM

We're back with another week of Canucks Army Weekly Prospect updates!  We finally saw those lazy students down in the Ivy Leagues start playing hockey, meaning officially, for the first time in the 2015/2016 season, all of Vancouver's prospects have actually started playing regular season games. 

So how are they doing?

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Canucks Army Postgame: More Like, Pittsburgh Peng-Wins

J.D. Burke
November 04 2015 11:33PM


The Vancouver Canucks entered tonight's contest looking for the Pennsylvanian sweep at home. With the dismantled Philadelphia Flyers not far in the Canucks rearview, they hoped to replicate that success against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

These aren't your fathers Penguins though, and the Canucks were facing a relatively new look squad. Beyond the personnel changes, this is a club that has struggled to produce offensively and is relying heavily on their goaltender. It's a stark contrast from the Pens we've become accustomed to this last decade, to be sure.

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Accounting for Variations in the Canucks Possession Statistics

Jeremy Davis
November 04 2015 03:21PM

The completion of the first month of the hockey season is always a good time for reflection. How did the Canucks fair in the opening month? How do they stack up against competition around the league?

I’m a stats-loving blogger writing for a stats-loving website, so obviously I’m curious to see where the Canucks sit in terms of possession numbers. Research has shown time and time again the relationship between controlling a higher ratio of shot attempts and long term success. It’s not the be-all-end-all, but it can be a very telling statistic.

So it’s hard to be anything but disappointed after finding the Canucks down near the bottom of the league in Corsi. So I thought to myself, how can I manipulate these fancy stats to make myself feel better? What I found were a number of peculiarities in their possession numbers that warranted further investigation.

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