Monday Mailbag: The Relocation

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 21 2015 01:57PM


Hockey is coming! That means the return of hockey content! We'll be writing a lot of things on Canucks Army this year; hundreds of articles, of which you'll probably enjoy about four or five. With that comes a fancy schedule that will ensure that you never miss a moment of the action, which kicks into place starting next week.

Of course, there will be some concessions. For example, the Monday Mailbag is no more. Thankfully, it's just being relocated to Friday

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Canucks Army Preseason GDT #1 - Canucks Vs. Sharks

September 21 2015 10:23AM

The last time we got together, we thought the Canucks might squeak out one more win against the Flames; they didn't. Thankfully Calgary was embarrassed by Anaheim and we got a better draft pick. So the Canucks are ready to wow the 2015 winners of Kraft Hockeyville, North Saanich and who would be a better opponent than our buddies, the San Jose Sharks? 

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Quick Hit: Canucks Make Three Cuts

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 20 2015 10:30PM

The Vancouver Canucks have started to trim their roster in anticipation of pre-season games, cutting three prospects this afternoon.

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Canucks Lose Scrimmage To The Canucks

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 20 2015 03:29PM


Just when you think this site can't get any more negative, we find a way to outdo ourselves with a title like that! No, but seriously. Today, the Vancouver Canucks broke away from drills and put teams blue and white against each other in a public scrimmage. It was a hard fought game, but ultimately, team white found themselves to be victorious, winning 4-3 in a shootout.

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As Far As Long Shots Go, I'd Put My Money on Jordan Subban

Jeremy Davis
September 19 2015 11:56AM


(Photo credit: Sarah Hobday)

Going into the 2015 Young Stars Classic in Penticton, the talk of the town was Oilers’ gift and future superstar Connor McDavid. To be sure, he didn’t disappoint. In the single game he played, he showed flashes of what is to come, though he was limited to a powerplay assist and a flimsy first goal.

If you’re a Canucks fan, you were probably more interested in Jake Virtanen, Jared McCann and Cole Cassels - three of their most hyped prospects, all of which missed last year’s tournament with various ailments. And again, while they have been impressive in their own rights - Virtanen with his trademark murderous physicality and breakaway speed, and McCann with his patented wrist shot - the Canucks most impressive player for my money has been Jordan Subban, in his third Young Stars appearance.

While Subban has always been flashy, he’s been consistently dismissed to some degree due largely to his size - at 5-foot-9, he doesn’t have many professional comparables. Going into his third season in the Canucks organization, though, Subban is demonstrating an unyielding determination to overcome the odds.

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