Canucks Army Prospect Profiles #4: Anton Rodin

Jackson McDonald
August 29 2016 09:00AM


There's so much I could say about Anton Rodin. I'm almost having a hard time figuring where to start. His development path has been an atypical one, to say the least. So much so, in fact, that it's debatable whether or not he even qualifies as a "prospect".

He'll turn 26 midway through the 2015-16 season, and should theoretically be in the prime of his career. He's still eligible for the Calder trophy, and he's still an unknown commodity, however, which made him a prime candidate for the top-end of our prospect rankings. 

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This Week in Media Transcripts: Sbisa and Hansen's Role on Team Europe

Vanessa Jang
August 27 2016 04:01PM

With the World Cup of Hockey a month away, players have started to get back onto the ice after an off-season of mostly rehabilitation and training. The Canucks will have two players on Team Europe, as both Jannik Hansen and Luca Sbisa will be playing amongst their continental peers against the best players in the NHL. 

Although he has had his fair share of inconsistencies in Vancouver, 26 year-old Luca Sbisa may be heavily relied upon by Team Europe's head coach, Ralph Krueger. Jannik Hansen, on the other hand, is fresh off a 22-goal season and Krueger expects him to be a solid, two-way player. The upcoming tournament will prepare both players for another season in Vancouver, as well as give fans sneak peek of what to expect out of their play going into the 2016-17 campaign.

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Canucks Army Roundtable: International Ice

Matthew Henderson
August 26 2016 03:00PM


As we just watched the Canadian athletes take the country by storm during the Rio Games, and are awaiting the World Cup of Hockey starting in a short while in Toronto, it's hard not to think about the highly controversial topic that is the NHL at the Olympic games. It has become a staple every four years since 1998, when NHL players were first allowed to compete in the games. Are we ready to go back to a world where the NHLers simply carry on during the games and pretend it's not happening? I took the question to our staff of writers. More after the jump!

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Will Jake Virtanen Start the Season in the AHL?

J.D. Burke
August 26 2016 01:00PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.49.17 PM

Anne-Marie Sorvin: USA Today Sports

The Canucks have a series of difficult questions to face at the onset of training camp. Paramount among them is whether they can accommodate Jake Virtanen as a feature on their opening night lineup.

It's not even a matter of regression, or whether Virtanen has done anything to loosen his grip on a full-time job. By all accounts, Virtanen had one of the best second halves among all Canucks' forwards; a distinction worth making, but one that perhaps undersells his body of work last season as a whole, truthfully. He's apparently been putting in serious work this off-season, too.

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Using pGPS: Mike Gillis UFA Prospects

Ryan Biech
August 26 2016 11:00AM

Hockey season is on the horizon, so news is really starting to pick up the pace. At the moment, we are counting down the top 20 prospects within the Canucks organization, some of which the current regime acquired.

At the moment, Jim Benning's left no stone unturned as he continues to look for ways to add to the current prospect pool. The Canucks are rumoured to be in the hunt for NCAA UFA Matt Benning. Yes, he is related, it's Jim's nephew -- and he plays with Adam Gaudette, too.

Given that rumoured interest, we used pGPS to look at M. Benning, and an underwhelming 3.1% went onto becoming NHL regulars. I tweeted this out, merely as a 'for your information', but someone asked a question that got the wheels turning:

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