Canucks Cut 4, including 2013 1st-round pick Hunter Shinkaruk

Jeremy Davis
September 26 2015 12:08PM

Photo Credit: Bob Frid/USA TODAY Sports

Every year there's at least one roster reduction that really gets Canuck nation's blood boiling. Well, warranted or not, this might be that time.

The Canucks announced this morning that they have reduced their roster by four players, including Andrey Pedan, Carter Bancks, Wacey Hamilton, and most notably (by far) Hunter Shinkaruk.

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Are The Canucks Likely to Lose Anyone on Waivers?

Jeremy Davis
September 26 2015 09:52AM

The NHL preseason is officially underway. This is a time for youngins to show off what they learned in the summer, and for oldies to try to prove that they still have something to give. It’s also a time for a number of AHL destined skaters to show that they could be useful in a call up down the road, knowing that their chances of sticking around now are pretty much nil.

The Canucks will have a expose a number of players to waivers sometime between now and October 7th in order to get their roster size down to the required 23. Are they likely to lose any of those waiver exposed players?

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Canucks lose to Flames, lose again to Flames

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 25 2015 10:32PM


I'm starting to dislike 3-on-3 overtime. When I say that, I don't the spectacle itself; it's amazing hockey and arguably the best thing the sport has going for it right now. No, I mean this preseason fad of playing it regardless of the score in regulation. It's stupid and the worst.

By stupid and the worst, I mean the Canucks double lost again, this time to the Calgary Flames.

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September 25 2015 04:44PM

Thank goodness it's preseason. There have not been very many flashes of brilliance yet for the blue and green but when you don't ice a full lineup there can be a lot of questions. The Flames get their first official look at more than just the prospects tonight. Will the Canucks young guns do some serious hockeying or are we just going through the motions until October?

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Graphic Comments: And Patrick Kane Played On

Graphic Comments
September 25 2015 12:41PM


As I watch the NHL sail into a new season, I am reminded of the Titanic on its maiden voyage, sailing full steam ahead despite warnings of ice in the area. The Titanic, you see, was not like other ships. It was unsinkable. Until it hit the ice.

Similarly, the NHL continues to hold its course despite a variety of warning signs, all the while clinging to the notion that it's not like other leagues. NHL, you see, is not like other leagues. Its players "know what's right and wrong." Until they hit their spouse.

Or worse.

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