Canucks Player Power Rankings - New Year's Edition

Grainne Downey
January 02 2017 09:00AM


Another calendar year of Canucks hockey has come and gone. With the new year comes the opportunity for new starts and fresh goals. When I ranked the roster this week, I gave each of them a suggestion for their New Year's resolution. Hopefully they will all listen to me. 

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Nation World HQ
December 31 2016 02:00PM

Spy vs Spy

The Oilers and Canucks will close out 2016 with a New Year's Eve affair and we've asked writers from both OilersNation and CanucksArmy to give us their take on tonight's matchup. We've also put together a few quick stats to get you ready for the last Nation battle of the year. 

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December 31 2016 11:26AM



Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin - USA TODAY Sports

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The Canucks are the 3rd hottest team in the NHL right now after a sizzling 3-2 OT winner against the Ducks last night (Blue Jackets and Wild are the other two but you knew that). The Oilers are coming off a big win against Milan Lucic's old team, the Kings. It has the makings of a championship bout after the undercard is played (again, Jackets and Wild). 

I can't think of a better way to finish off 2016 but to read this action packed GDT and watch said game it is about. It's not the Flyers and I doubt the Canucks lose 8-0. The Canucks DO have to fly to Edmonton for this one so there's a chance the first period goes poorly because of the shock of being in Edmonton.

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Canucks Army Postgame #37: 800

Jackson McDonald
December 31 2016 12:16AM

Back-to-back wins against Californian teams sure don't have the caché that they used to, do they? It could be that the Pacific isn't as strong as it once was, it could be that LA and Anaheim both looked asleep at the wheel in each of their respective losses in Vancouver, or it could be that the playoffs seem like an absolute pipe dream at this point in the season. At any rate, I can't remember a time I felt less excited over a big win against an even bigger rival. 

At the end of the day, The Canucks were full value in tonight's win, and technically are just 4 points out of a wildcard spot. So let's stay positive? I guess?

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Canucks Army Roundtable: Reflecting on 2016

Matthew Henderson
December 30 2016 01:00PM


Well, we have almost reached the end of 2016. For some, they are grateful for a new year and a fresh start, and I can understand why as 2016 had more ups and downs than the PNE Wooden Roller Coaster. However, 2016 was a great year for myself personally as I landed a dream spot at a graphic design agency. But enough about me. As always, 2016 provided some great sports moments, especially in the NHL. I asked the writers to tell me what their favourite hockey moment of 2016 was. Here's what they said!

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