Nation Network Prospect Profiles: #51-47

Ryan Biech
May 06 2016 08:00AM

As we start to approach the middle of the second round for rankings, things start to get interesting. The grouping of 51st to 47th has four defenceman and a winger who could conceivably go much earlier in June.

As we get to the middle of the second round, the ranked players become more and more intriguing. This grouping includes a former first overall pick in the QMJHL draft, a defenceman who put up 59 points, a standout at the U18's, the younger brother of a former 4th overall pick in the NHL and defenceman from the USDP with a high offensive ceiling. 

We will reference the Prospect Graduation Probabilities System (pGPS) throughout this piece, a more indepth explanation can be found here. But simply put, the system is used to see how often statistically similar players graduate into the NHL. It isn't used as the only point of reference or analysis, but is a complimenting tool to give us another angle to analyze these draft hopefuls.

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May 06 2016 07:00AM


Last month we asked you, the fine citizens of The Nation, to let us know who your favourite fighter(s) of all time was. Weeks later, after running the numbers through a massive bank of supercomputers, we've tabulated the results. AND NOW WE VOTE!

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
May 06 2016 05:00AM

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Leafs and Jets win draft lottery, breaking down Mathews vs. Laine, Stamkos to Leafs more plausible now, who replaces Bob Hartley in Calgary, Benning and Canucks look for a forward at 5, picking 4th does not do the Oilers any good, all kinds of draft news, helping Fort McMurray and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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3 Players the Vancouver Canucks Should Hope are Available at 33rd Overall

J.D. Burke
May 05 2016 01:00PM

The introduction of a triple-threat lottery for the top three positions in the NHL Entry Draft has dulled the appeal of intentionally tanking for down on their luck franchises. Take the Vancouver Canucks, for one example. They finished third last in the entire league and are in line to pick fifth overall in the first round. 

I said the lottery dulled the appeal though because it doesn't necessarily strip it entirely. Beyond the first round, the draft goes according to the standings - last place earns the first pick of each round, and so on. So the Canucks will pick no lower than third in any given round. That's not a half bad spot to be in.

Luck permitting, that means there's going to be at least one - perhaps many, even - first-round talent that slips through the cracks and lands right in their laps. And that trend will likely continue all the way into the seventh-round. Sticking strictly with the second, though, there's bound to be a few great options for their choosing. Let's look at five exactly that should of special interest to the Canucks.

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Blackfish: Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Report - May 5th, 2016

Ryan Biech
May 05 2016 11:00AM


Alas, the Canucks prospect season has come to an end as the Utica Comets were eliminated last week.

There were some players who stood out and others who had trying seasons. There is excitement to be had about some of these players, as they may be part of the Vancouver Canucks in a short time.

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