Jim Benning vs. A Vacuum Cleaner

Sillig Ekim
April 04 2016 10:45AM


Jim Benning and the Vancouver Canucks have had a rough go of it this season. The club is 27th overall, with three remaining games and not an awful lot on the line except pride. It's been a steep fall from the 101-points grace they enjoyed last season. 

If the club's intention was to secure a top-three selection at the 2016 NHL Draft, then mission accomplished. That's just not the case though. Benning fully expected to return to the 100-point mark this season and has fallen horribly short - the Canucks will be lucky to hit 75-points this season.

Which begs the question: where did it all go wrong? Injuries played a part. Jeremy Davis did an excellent job profiling the impact they've had this season just last week. And oh, what an impact they've had. There's value added in taking that context into the equation, but I think it undersells the impact management has had in steering this ship towards the iceberg. 

I'd like to think I speak for most Canucks fans when I wonder aloud whether Benning and co. have done more harm than good in this last season. Clearly something's amiss. To find out whether Benning is directly responsible for the decline, though, I'm pitting him against an inanimate object. I take my cue from Toronto Maple Leafs blogger, "Bower Power", who ran a similar test with Dave Nonis many moons ago. 

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Monday Morning Musing: April 4th

J.D. Burke
April 04 2016 09:00AM


I'm of the belief that even the most inconsequential of transactions, events and whatever you may have leaguewide affects every team, at every level, to some extent. Newton's law and so on.

With that in mind, there just simply isn't enough time or resources to give them all the attention they deserve in this space. Ideally, though, one can scratch the surface of these events - linked directly to the Vancouver Canucks or otherwise - and examine their far-reaching impact to Roger's Arena and beyond.

With that, here are my Monday Morning Musings for the week that was.

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Bo would go if Canada calls for the World Championship

Jeff Paterson
April 03 2016 09:45AM

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports

With just four games remaining on their 2015-16 schedule, the end is near for the Vancouver Canucks. Bo Horvat, however, isn’t ready to call it a season just yet. 

For a while now the Canucks have been resigned to the fact they won’t be part of the Stanley Cup playoffs this spring, but Horvat is holding out hope there is hockey to be played and he's prepared to answer the call of his country should he be selected for Team Canada at the upcoming World Hockey Championship in Russia.

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Matthew Henderson
April 01 2016 11:42PM


This was a frustrating one for team tank. The Canucks were vastly outplayed by the Ducks in the 1st, and were even scored on moments into the game. Yet, they were relentless, and eventually took a lead they wouldn't give up in the 3rd period, winning the game 3-2 and picking up 2 very unnecessary points. But still, a win is a win, and in a game full of injuries, it was nice to see the young guys get some more ice time. I had to suffer through the 3rd period without an internet connection. Let's dive in.

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Babych Please - April 1st, 2016

Grainne Downey
April 01 2016 03:00PM


The Canucks won a game last night (really!) but remain oh so close to that precious 30th spot. Things are far from fun for this fanbase, but there are still good things to be found, such as a greasy Cinderella story, some information about Joey Kenward, and the Sbisa-Jigglypuff comparison that you never knew you needed until now.

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