Canucks GM Benning doesn't expect phone call between Burrows, NHL to result in suspension

Thomas Drance
November 12 2015 04:43PM

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Dennis Wierzbicki/USA TODAY Sports

There may not be enough soap in the Lush warehouse to successfully clean out the mouth of Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows. 

Burrows is one of the NHL's most relentless motormouths, and his jabs have been creative and extreme over the years - just ask Mike Richards or Phil Kessel. Recently though, the Canucks agitator's habit of trash talking opponents has generated headlines and controversy rather than the usual guffaws. 

In a game this past weekend, New Jersey Devils tough guy Jordin Tootoo publicly accused Burrows of crossing the line. It was reported this week that Burrows will have a meeting with the league on Friday to discuss the incident.

On Thursday, Canucks general manager Jim Benning addressed the issue during an appearance on TSN 1200 radio in Ottawa. In addition to disputing the idea that Burrows is facing some sort of formal disciplinary tribunal, Benning suggested that he expects the conversation between the league offices and the Canucks' sharp-tongued two-way winger to result in nothing more than a reminder.

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Blackfish: Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Report - November 12th, 2015

Josh W
November 12 2015 03:14PM

It's another edition of the Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Report, where we cover the latest and greatest in Canucks prospects across the world! Matthew Beattie still hasn't played a game yet (c'mon, Yale), but there's still a lot to talk about. Like, the injuries suffered by Tate Olson, Evan McEneny and Anton Rodin. Uhh... at least Thatcher Demko is going to break a billion records? 

Anyway, let's look at the week that was.

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November 12 2015 11:37AM

Your Canucks are in the nation's capital...ok not entirely it's actually the name of our country spelt horribly wrong. Kanata? Are you serious? With an uplifting win against the 'Bus on Tuesday and the feels that came with it, a two-game win streak would be a nice way to keep this road trip interesting. Ottawa is still the most neutral fan base in Canada; they win people are decently happy, they lose and no one is the wiser. Lucky. Let's beat these Spezza-less clowns.

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NHL to meet with Alex Burrows over alleged Tootoo comments

Grainne Downey
November 11 2015 05:02PM

Alex Burrows will meet with the NHL on Friday to discuss his verbal exchange with New Jersey Devils forward Jordin Tootoo.

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The Sedins are still Winning the Battle against Father Time

Dimitri Filipovic
November 11 2015 04:30PM

There has seemingly been a lot of chatter floating around lately about how the NHL as a collective is getting younger. Whether it's due to salary cap restraints or a changing game that generally demands more athleticism from its players than ever before, the fact of the matter is that teams are divvying up a larger portion of the pie to their more youthful assets

We're seeing that first-hand in Vancouver this season. While there's room to quibble with how they've been used on occasion by the coaching staff, there's no denying that the Canucks are embracing the league-wide youth movement with the quartet of players 22-or-under playing important roles for them early on. 

Even with these philosophical adaptations by the organization, though, for the Vancouver Canucks everything still begins and ends with the Sedins. The more things change, the more they stay the same.  

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