Graphic Comments: Pretty sure there's at least one thing Prust could clear

Graphic Comments
January 21 2016 04:43PM


Well, that's not strictly true. Prust is also able to clear a pretty big paycheque.

But wow that was quite a performance from Brandon Prust against his "former team", wasn't it?

I mean, the Canucks as a whole were horrible in both games in New York, but oof, that was bad. I haven't seen that many shots fired in New York since Lucky Luciano invited "Joe the Boss" Masseria to lunch on Coney Island.

But yes, suffice it to say, Ryan Miller played great. Brandon Prust, on the other hand, did not. Not only was he horrible, especially in the Rangers game, but he also wind up as the centre of attention going into that game.

Now, there has been plenty of discussion and supposition about why exactly Prust was in the lineup when Jake Virtanen had been scheduled to draw back in, but that's kind of glossing over the point. What we really should be discussing, is why Prust vs. Virtanen is even a choice to be made.

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January 21 2016 01:32PM


The last time the Canucks played the Bruins, I think it was the notorious #must game. They lost 4-buzz and it looked like one of the worst games the Canucks have ever played. Vancouver has given up more shots in the last week than a drunk bartender trying to make new friends. This one's in bean town tonight and the Canucks could use a boost from the bullies that robbed them of their rightful 2011 crown. OK, last time I swear.





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Thatcher Demko is on the Hobey Baker Award shortlist, and needs your help

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
January 21 2016 11:58AM

The Vancouver Canucks might have one of the best players in all of College Hockey, and it appears that he might be getting credit for it. Goaltender Thatcher Demko has been included in the initial list of nominations for the Hobey Baker Award for the most outstanding player, on and off the ice, in the NCAA.

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Blackfish: Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Report - January 21, 2016

Ryan Biech
January 21 2016 09:00AM


Photo Credit: Twitter / @PennStateMHK

It's time for every Canucks fans favourite weekly feature, Blackfish. This week we have a serious injury, a retirement and contract signing. So there's plenty to digest this week in the constantly changing world of Canucks prospects.

Let's forget about the Canucks being heavily outshot on a regular basis, and take a look at the week that was for next generation. Let this basement blogger give you the lowdown on the past week!

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Canucks Recall Mike Zalewski

Jeremy Davis
January 20 2016 06:11PM


Photo credit: Vancouver Canucks twitter / @VanCanucks

Everything is happening right now for Mike Zalewski. Two days ago, the New Hartford native was enjoying the minor league life on an AHL contract. Yesterday Zalewski landed an NHL deal, and now today he is on his way to join the Canucks in Boston.

What is going on here?

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