2017 NHL Entry Draft: Preliminary Top Ten

Jeremy Davis
September 15 2016 09:00AM

Draft Review - 2017

With the summer winding down, we at Canucks Army are looking to fill the dead space between our Top 20 countdown and the start of the World Cup of Hockey. This week, I've decided to head back to the draft, and I'm going to be looking at the past, present and future on Canucks drafting and NHL prospects by going over the 2015, 2016, and 2017 NHL Entry Drafts and how they pertain to the Canucks.

After going over the 2015 and 2016 drafts, as well as some left over picks from 2016 that could be mid-to-late round selections next year, we move onto the 2017 Entry Draft. While the future is far from certain, it's entirely possible that one, if not many, Canadian teams will find themselves in the running for some of these top end prospects. Let's take a look at who they are.

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2016 World Cup of Hockey Preview: Group A

Jonathan Willis
September 15 2016 07:30AM

WC logo

With the preliminary round out of the way, the 2016 World Cup of Hockey is ready to get down to the contests that actually count this weekend. Group A will feature the marquee matchup of Canada vs. the United States, along with the less-heralded Czech Republic and Team Europe.

Here’s how those countries stack up.

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Talent Left Behind at the 2016 Draft

Jeremy Davis
September 14 2016 09:00AM

Draft Review - undrafted

On the third day of what I’ve deemed Draft Review Week, I thought I’d take a look at some draft eligible players that were left behind at the 2016 NHL Draft, in the vein of a Josh Weissbock post from last year. I was impressed by the idea behind this sort of thing: how great must one’s prospect knowledge be if they can pump out a bunch of names beyond the 211 players that had their names called at the draft two months ago?

Well it turned out to not be as hard as I thought it would. Maybe this is just a weird year (I’m pretty sure it was), but there were an odd number of players that went unselected after being ranked by several services in the top 90, for crying out loud. I’m not entirely sure what the deal is with that, but here are eleven players left over after the 2016 NHL Draft.

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WWYDW: Professional Tryout Season

J.D. Burke
September 14 2016 09:00AM


The Canucks finally signed some players to professional tryouts. In case you missed yesterday's news, they agreed to terms with Tuomo Ruutu, James Sheppard and Kevin Carr on tryout contracts. 

Frankly, I can't imagine they're around for any other reason than the Canucks need bodies to meet the eight veteran minimum -- and that's okay! Still, I wouldn't mind them taking a flyer on somebody who could actually make the club and play in a semi-meaningful role. And I'm of the mind that a few such players are still available for a tryout contract.

Maybe you think there are a few players that fit the bill too. That's why I want to hear your take on professional tryouts. Do you see any of the Canucks three making the team? Are there any other players you'd like them to target? Make your voice heard!

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You Get a PTO and You Get a PTO and So Does Kevin Carr!

J.D. Burke
September 13 2016 08:13PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 6.43.49 PM

Photo Credit: Tim Lester - Peoria Rivermen Website

Mere hours after multiple reports confirmed that the Canucks had signed Tuomo Ruutu and James Sheppard to professional tryouts, the club announced that they'd come to terms with minor league goaltender Kevin Carr on a tryout deal too.

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