General Managers Give Luongo the Raspberry

Brian O'Neill
April 27 2009 05:49PM


Roberto Luongo, found out today that he is not a Candidate for the Vezina trophy. "Zut Alors" is what I like to imagine he said.

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Expected Vs. Actual Save Percentage

Jonathan Willis
April 27 2009 01:47PM


Gabriel Desjardins of does a study at the end of each season that attempts to measure difficulty of shots that every NHL goaltender faces. The methodology can be found here, and it’s an interesting look at a statistic that’s largely swayed by team ability.

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Daum worry, be happy

Jason Gregor
April 27 2009 09:31AM

Springfield Falcons' head coach Rob Daum

Steve Tambellini returned from the under-18 tournament and has started to focus on every aspect of the organization. He has met with many different people inside the organization including the assistant coaches and Rob Daum.

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Should the Russian Rocket be Launched into the Rafters?

Brian O'Neill
April 25 2009 06:24PM


Trevor Linden is unainimously the Greatest Canuck of all time. However, he was not the most talented. That feat belongs to DJ Tanner's brother in law. That man, is Pavel Bure, if you have no idea who that is (and you are not six) put a shotgun in your mouth and your toe on the trigger becuase you fail at life.

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The Canucks are Not Immortal!

Brian O'Neill
April 24 2009 01:34PM


We Canucks fans need to be humbled, and lets not wait until after game one of round two for it to happen. We swept a series, I know I saw it. We have to stay sharp, St. Louis was on fire ending the season, however, they were ice cold in the playoffs. Need I remind everyone that this team was one of worst in the west at Christmas.

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