Bill Daly is Probably Wrong – Just Like Bettman Was

Jonathan Willis
May 09 2009 11:31AM


NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly continued the NHL’s PR war against Jim Balsillie and Jerry Moyes on Friday, claiming that there were “at least three” serious suitors for the Phoenix Coyotes before Moyes pulled the rug out of everyone’s feet and moved the Coyotes into bankruptcy.

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Jonathan Willis
May 08 2009 03:06PM

"I love the physical intangibles he brought to the game." – Pierre McGuire, explaining why Ed Jovanovski is A MONSTER!

That quote is lifted from this rather amazing Covered in Oil post from April 2008, which does a great breakdown of Pierre McGuire’s 2008 Monsters of the Year list. It’s a good read, and taken in conjunction with this rumour it just makes me smile.

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Canucks Return Home With Nothing

Brian O'Neill
May 08 2009 11:06AM


Vingeault apparently has begun searching for Bobby Fischer as he thought last nights game was a great 'chess match.' I wonder if he especially liked the part in overtime when Quenneville devilishly stroked he mustache and uttered "checkmate."

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PGDB #8 Game four.. take two.

Brian O'Neill
May 07 2009 10:21AM


[UPDATE: Salo will not be dressing tonight]

This game four is different to game four in the series previous. The Canucks were up 3-0 instead of a measly 2-1. Tonight the fans will find out if this series is destined for five or seven.

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Moose Sweep Series, Head to Conference Finals

Brian O'Neill
May 06 2009 10:51PM


The Manitoba Moose are trying to provide some foreshadowing for the Vancouver Canucks as they wreak of dominance in the playoffs. The Moose will face off against either Houston or Milwaukee as they advance to the next round.

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