The Better Team Won

Cam Davie
May 12 2009 11:13AM


Where do you start on this series?

The Canucks were outhit, out-chanced, outcoached, outshot and obviously outplayed throughout this series.

That means the better team won. Ok – I started there.

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Do You See What I See V1

Jason Gregor
May 11 2009 02:19PM


Today Jason Gregor begins a new series where he takes a look around the league and discusses the goods. Personally we like it. - WG

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So you're saying there's a chance.

Brian O'Neill
May 11 2009 01:18PM


The mighty Canucks have seem to have fallen back into some old habits. One of those habits, underachieving to the max. Well AV has been left with a decision tonight. Come out guns blazing or sit back and take it like a man. Lets hope it's the former and not the latter. One thing is for sure. This series is not over.

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PGDB #10 - Can We Fix It?

Cam Davie
May 11 2009 11:55AM


The Canucks need to fix what's been broken in the past two games, and three of their last four.

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Oh, Me of Little Faith

Cam Davie
May 10 2009 06:20PM

[caption id="attachment_12128" align="aligncenter" width="448" caption="It's ok, Bobby Lou. The big bad Buffie won't hurt you now."]It's ok, Bobby Lou. The big bad Buffie won't hurt you now.[/caption]

Don't get me wrong. I'm still squarely on the Canucks bandwagon, and will forever be. However, given their lack of total team effort in the past two games, I cannot see the Canucks winning two in a row against the Chicago Blackhawks.

In fact, I can't see them winning even one game. Yeah, I said it!

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