O Canada: The True Story Of A Nation's Obsession with Hockey

James C Edgington
February 11 2010 02:32PM

Czech Republic v Canada

It’s hard to pinpoint a definitive time or place that hockey was invented. There are many arguments and people always have different opinions. It’s generally accepted that during the eighteen hundreds, British soldiers played a version of the game while they were stationed in Nova Scotia. Another story tells of a teacher at the Kings View Academy Nova Scotia who asked his pupils to make up a winter sport on the frozen pond as part of a project — it is thought that the game his students created resembled that of hockey.

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GDRC - Canucks @ Panthers

Cam Davie
February 11 2010 12:21PM

Luongo back in his Panthers days

The Vancouver Canucks roll on to their next stop in southern Florida, as they take on the Florida Panthers tonight. Tonight's matchup is game #6 on their epic 14-game roadtrip, and sees them at 2-3-0 so far. The Panthers, however, may be the tonic that the Canucks need to get them back to .500 on this trip.

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Kristian Urstad
February 09 2010 04:00PM

There is an intimate connection between Canada’s geography and environment and the characteristics of Canadian hockey players. The sorts of qualities it takes to face the rugged, mountainous climate of our land or pioneer praire farms is mirrored by those our players bring to the game – passion, toughness, allegiance to team, and most of all, humility. This stands in sometimes stark contrast to American players, where, not unlike the John Wayne ethos of that country, individuality, pretentiousness and brazenness seem to dominate.

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Just a Little Patience

Stephen Webb
February 09 2010 11:58AM

Upper Deck NHL Rookie Debut


Finally the savior has returned to action. Or are we just witnessing another in a long list of Canuck busts (with Pamela Anderson attending games periodically, the meaning of Canuck busts could change completely, yet the result, no more appealing). Of course I'm talking about Cody Hodgson.

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GDRC - Canucks @ Lightning

Cam Davie
February 09 2010 11:01AM

Tampa Bay Lightning v New Jersey Devils

Steve Stamkos is quietly having a great season down in Tampa Bay.

The Vancouver Canucks continue their epic pre-Olympic road trip as they head to sunny state of Florida to face the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Canucks look to continue a winning stretch after bumping a 2-goal losing slump woth a win against Boston on Saturday.

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