Do You See What I See, volume II

Jason Gregor
May 21 2009 08:00AM


Yes it is still relatively quiet around Hockeytown up here in Canada, but there is lots going on in hockey and the sports world.

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Ten years of so-called elite players

Jason Gregor
May 20 2009 12:21PM


So what does a player have to do to be considered elite? Does he need to be in the top-ten scoring for four plus years? Would cracking the top ten twice in ten years qualify? If the average career is four years, would a player only have to be in the top ten four times in his career to be great?

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The lowdown

Robin Brownlee
May 19 2009 06:22PM


So, some Bozo blogger thinks Darren Dreger of TSN might be pulling NHL trade rumours out of his ass and making things up, eh?

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The all Northwest Division team

Jean Lefebvre
May 16 2009 11:26AM


The 2009 Stanley Cup party started with just two invitees from the Northwest Division, and neither of those guests stuck around for the lampshades-on-the-head, hey-I-wonder-if-you-can-mix-Tequila-and-Dr.-Pepper stage of the shindig.

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The Elusive Puck-Movin Defenseman

Cam Davie
May 15 2009 12:55PM

[caption id="attachment_12469" align="aligncenter" width="483" caption="Gillis will likely Say No to Jay-Bo"]Gillis will likely Say No to Jay-Bo[/caption]

It's no surprise that the Canucks are in the market for a puck-moving defenseman. They need a young, fast mobile defenseman who is comfortable in his own zone and can move the puck up ice with ease and accuracy.

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