Dan Hamhuis signs with Dallas Stars

Ryan Biech
July 01 2016 11:47AM

Dan Hamhuis has signed with the Dallas Stars this morning.

McKenzie mentioned on TSN that the deal was 2 years for $3.75M per season.

Hamhuis signing with the Stars isn't surprising given that he had waived his NTC to go to Dallas at the trading deadline, but ultimately was never dealt as Canucks and Stars management could not come to an agreement on a deal. Even after the Stars acquired Kris Russell from the Calgary Flames, there was still some interest but nothing could get done.

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Canucks sign Michael Chaput

Ryan Biech
July 01 2016 11:31AM

 The Vancouver Canucks have signed 24 year old forward Michael Chaput to a two way deal:

Chaput was a free agent after the Columbus Blue Jackets decided to not qualify the young centre.

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Taylor Fedun signs with Buffalo Sabres

Ryan Biech
July 01 2016 10:29AM

Amidst the free agent frenzy, Taylor Fedun has signed with the Buffalo Sabres this morning.

This isn't surprising as the Canucks now have 8 defenceman signed for their NHL roster, and appear to be going with a youth movement in Utica.

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Vancouver Canucks Sign Loui Eriksson

J.D. Burke
July 01 2016 10:07AM


Photo Credit: Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Canucks have made their first big splash in free agency, signing Loui Eriksson to a six-year contract valued at $36-million. Which means that Eriksson will carry a $6-million cap hit. This signing should come as no surprise, as the Canucks have always considered Eriksson to factor largely into their free agency plans as a primary option to add scoring and two-way acumen to their top line.

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Graphic Comments: Winter is coming

Graphic Comments
July 01 2016 09:09AM


The next six months are make or break for the Vancouver Canucks.

I know I've criticized one or two pretty much all of Jim Benning's moves over the last year or so, but that has largely been because almost every one has been slowly whittling away their assets. Death by a thousand cuts, some might say.

But other than the Sutter contract, none of those moves can really be characterized as anchors that this franchise will have to drag around for years after Benning is finally, mercifully, sent to the farm...er, to the farm team. To do scouting and stuff. Yeah, I definitely didn't mean to imply anything else there.

Anyway, my point is this: Jim Benning has done much to be concerned about, but at least he hasn't caused any long term damage, or saddled the next GM, and there will be a next GM, with an inescapable contractual mess. At least not yet.

But the next six months could see that change. Winter is coming, and Jim Benning has money to spend.

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