Year End Review of the Vancouver Canucks

April 18 2016 11:00AM

At the beginning of the season I decided to take a look at the Flames’ chances for the year in contrast to their two Pacific division rivals, the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks.

I followed this up mid-year with some updates to see how each team was coming along (Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary).

Today we begin the final analysis, or to be more precise for these teams, the end-of-season autopsy.

We’re beginning with the Canucks, who's disastrous season is likely to usher in some significant changes this summer. Or at the very least set the stage for major changes to come should they falter again next season.

This season I tracked not only the individual progress of each player but also tracked the team save percentage, possession metrics, goal differential, and individual goalie performances based on save percentages.

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Monday Morning Musing: April 18th

J.D. Burke
April 18 2016 09:00AM


I'm of the belief that even the most inconsequential of transactions, events and whatever you may have leaguewide affects every team, at every level, to some extent. Newton's law and so on.

With that in mind, there just simply isn't enough time or resources to give them all the attention they deserve in this space. Ideally, though, one can scratch the surface of these events - linked directly to the Vancouver Canucks or otherwise - and examine their far-reaching impact to Roger's Arena and beyond.

With that, here are my Monday Morning Musings for the week that was.

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Utica Week in Review: April 4th - 12th

Jeremy Davis
April 16 2016 07:24PM

Comets Game 71

Photo credit: Lindsay A. Mogle / Utica Comets

The Comets had an okay string of games last week, earning three points in three games, though they were trending in the wrong direction - winning at the start and losing at the end. That hardly matters now as the Comets have gotten some of their best players back from Vancouver, including major minute loggers Brendan Gaunce and Andrey Pedan.

Last weekend the Comets locked up a playoff spot for the second consecutive season, but this weekend could be even more import with playoff positioning on the line. Read it for the review or the preview - either way, let's dive into the latest edition of the Utica weekly update.

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Babych Please - April 15th, 2016

Grainne Downey
April 15 2016 01:00PM


The season is over but the Canucks are still doing fun stuff like putting Snapchat filters on Jake Virtanen's face, allowing Ben Hutton to be himself, and starting Twitter fights with the Edmonton Oilers. 

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Friday Roundtable: A Question of Philosophy

J.D. Burke
April 15 2016 11:10AM


The Vancouver Canucks had their exit meetings earlier this week. Players emptied their lockers, then a day later they were followed by their superiors in management.

There was the usual series of non-commentary from the players, but nothing overly revealing. Management left more on the plate to chew on, discussing their shortcomings this season and ways that they might reverse them next. Getting healthy is a start, but there are obvious holes that need plugging and the Canucks appear keen to do so in free agency.

It's the easiest method of roster development, but not without its drawbacks. The term and dollars afforded represent a serious long-term setback if not apportioned carefully. With that in mind, I asked the Canucks Army staff how they would approach free agency, were they in Jim Benning's shoes.

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