5 Fun Things to Watch For: Team Sweden

J.D. Burke
September 13 2016 01:00PM

The Canucks season may be off in the distance still, but the inclusion of Sweden at the World Cup of Hockey ensures that many a Canuck will play competitive hockey soon all the same.

Remember that old trope when the Detroit Red Wings were in town? Something about the two clubs bevvy of Swedish talent acting as an intrasquad game of sorts? Well, some things never change. The Canucks are every bit as loaded with Sverige talent now as they were in the hay day of that quasi-rivalry.

Which is why I'm bringing you a list of the five most fun things to keep an eye as you watch Team Sweden contend for the World Cup of Hockey!

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Vancouver Canucks Sign James Sheppard to Professional Tryout

J.D. Burke
September 13 2016 12:36PM

According to our own Jeff Paterson, the Vancouver Canucks have taken their first step into the professional tryout market, will be signing James Sheppard, formerly of the New York Rangers, to one such contract.

This plan was confirmed by Iain MacIntyre this morning on twitter:

And then confirmed by Ben Kuzma:

Sheppard, 28, last played meaningful hockey for the Rangers en route to their Eastern Conference finals appearance in the 2014-15 season, after being acquired from the San Jose Sharks for a fourth-round selection in the 2016 Entry Draft. Though the Columbus Blue Jackets signed Sheppard to a PTO in advance of last season, he wasn't able to stick and settled for a one-year deal with the Kloten Flyers of the Suisse men's league, the NLA.

In 37 games of NLA action last season, Sheppard scored 25 points. In the playoffs, Sheppard chipped in with one goal in four games.

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5 fun things to look for from Team USA at the World Cup of Hockey

Sam Blazer
September 13 2016 11:59AM

Team USA is coming in with a plan for the World Cup of Hockey. 

It may not be a very good plan but it is, indeed, a plan. 

Coach John Tortorella doesn't care how his team wins as long as it happens. 

If you are a fan of Team USA, that has to give you a special tingle down your spine. Sure, he may take patriotism to an uncomfortable level... but by the same token it adds a level of stakes that shouldn't be associated with an exhibition tournament. 

The NHL has to absolutely love it.

As the tournament begins on Wednesday, I want to take a look at the five fun storylines to watch for from Team USA.

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Canucks lack tradeable assets

Ryan Biech
September 13 2016 11:00AM

The hockey season is almost upon us, and there is reason to be excited. The Canucks made some changes over the summer, which gives the majority of fans a reason for optimism and excitement.

However we don't have any idea how the season will go. If everything falls the Canucks way, there is a chance they are in the mix for a wild card spot, however as we saw last season, a couple injuries here or there and the season could go off the rails.

Regardless of what happens, it's always good to look ahead and ponder what can happen with the team?

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Canucks' 2016 NHL Entry Draft: Deep Dive

Jeremy Davis
September 13 2016 09:00AM

Draft Review - 2016

With the summer winding down, we at Canucks Army are looking to fill the dead space between our Top 20 countdown and the start of the World Cup of Hockey. This week, I've decided to head back to the draft, and I'm going to be looking at the past, present and future on Canucks drafting and NHL prospects by going over the 2015, 2016, and 2017 NHL Entry Drafts and how they pertain to the Canucks.

Following yesterday's rehash of the 2015 Canucks' draft class, today is a deep dive into their 2016 haul. At this point, it looks considerably weaker than the 2015 group, but then again, the 2015 class looks a lot better now that it did on draft day.

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