Canucks Army Midterm Prospect Rankings: 18 & 17

Jeremy Davis
January 12 2017 03:03PM


Yesterday, Jackson McDonald kicked off our Canucks Army Midterm Prospect Rankings, chronicling the progression of Michael Carcone and Ashton Sautner, which we have deemed the 20th and 19th best prospects in the Vancouver system, respectively.

Welcome to part two of the Midterm Rankings, in which we will look deeper into the Vancouver Canucks' 18th and 17th ranked prospects.

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The Art of the Beaver Tail: Troy Stecher wants the puck -- and he wants everyone to know it

Jeff Paterson
January 12 2017 01:00PM


If you’ve been to a Vancouver Canucks game this season, you have most certainly heard that sound. Watch a game on television or listen to the radio feed, and you’ve probably heard it, too.

It’s Troy Stecher letting everyone in the building know he wants the puck. And he wants it right now.


Growing up in Richmond and watching the Canucks in his youth, Stecher is well aware of the way Ryan Kesler used the ‘beaver tail’ – short taps of the stick on the ice in an effort to signal his desire for the puck. Kesler generally used the tactic as a defensive ploy hoping to fool opponents into an ill-advised drop pass.

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2015 Draft Class: Who to sign?

Ryan Biech
January 12 2017 11:00AM


Photo Credit: Kim Klement - USA TODAY Sports

Although it's January, that doesn't stop organizations from looking at the long term picture. This week, all teams will be having their amateur scouting meetings to discuss and breakdown the 2017 draft class.

They will also have meetings to figure out what they currently have in the organization - which prospects made noise, which ones disappointed and what to keep an eye on going forward.

Here at Canucks Army, we have begun our mid-season prospect rankings, where we break down and discuss all the prospects currently within the organization.

Given all this, I figured it was worth taking a look at the 2015 draft class of the Canucks and figure out who is worth signing to entry level contracts.

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January 12 2017 09:00AM



Photo Credit: Eric Hartline - USA TODAY Sports

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The Canucks have touched down in Philadelphia for a date with the Flyers. Both teams split the season series last year with each team winning at home. The Flyers are just above the playoff bar in 7th, while the Canucks are looking to get back in the hunt with a win. A meaningful Canucks/Flyers game is in the cards tonight and you can expect both teams to bring everything they have.

This means 12 forwards and 6 defensemen (you know who you are).

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The Canucks Don't Have Any Excuse Not to Play Reid Boucher

J.D. Burke
January 11 2017 08:00PM


Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland - USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks took a savvy, cost-free step towards infusing a blend of youth and skill into their lineup last week when they broke from the company line to place a successful waiver claim on Reid Boucher.

They've left us waiting for the second shoe to drop since, as the Canucks have kept Boucher from their lineup in the three games they've had access to the 23-year-old. Boucher is perfectly healthy, and unlike the situation that befell him and the Canucks ahead of last Wednesday's game, he has a full compliment of gear with which to play. So what gives?

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