Matthew Henderson
November 19 2016 12:56PM


It's a month into the season now, and one thing that has become abundantly obvious is that the Canucks are going to struggle to score goals this season. Many of the players they relied on to score points are showing lackluster results, and injuries are plaguing the team left, right and center.

But someone has to win the scoring title at the end of the season. So I asked the writers who they think will take home the crown of "Leading Canucks Scorer for the 2016-17 season"

Here's what they said.

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Steve Dangle
November 18 2016 06:37PM

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 4.23.32 PM

This is a picture right before Dave Hanson lived out most of your dreams and punched me square in the face. It was awesome, though. I even thanked him.

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Sometimes the plan matches the results

Graphic Comments
November 18 2016 05:14PM


I see Jim Benning was on the radio this morning passive-aggressively asking for fans to be patient:

"I'm not going to make no apologies as to where we're at. Our fans, I think, understand what we're trying to do. We're trying to be competitive and develop young players."

But here's the thing with the current team running the Vancouver Canucks: they don't actually have a plan. Yes, they have an end goal in mind. Well, two, actually. But they don't have a plan on how to get there. At least not in the sense of what a well-run business would call a plan.

There's no strategy. There's no logic. There's no milestones. No metrics, checkpoints or structure. 

In short, there is no process. And in the absence of process, there's certainly no attention paid to measuring progress.

How do I know this? Well, let me tell you.

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Memo to Canucks: Do Less

Ryan Biech
November 18 2016 02:11PM

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (3)

Image: Youtube

Unfortunately the Canucks season hasn't gone as many people hoped. It started off with a four game winning streak, and then has kinda gone  off the rails from there.

They are winning games, but have only two regulation wins, had four leads (which includes a total of 47 mins of lead time), and once score effects are calculated, the underlying data is not favourable.

The only people who may be excited about this losing skid are the sports department at USA Today who picked the Canucks to finish the season with 65 points. But as a fan of the team, it isn't fun to watch your team sputter.

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Jim Benning speaks: Virtanen, Evander Kane, and his Message to Fans

Vanessa Jang
November 18 2016 11:42AM

The 2016-17 season has been quite the rollercoaster so far. The Canucks started out very high with their 4-game win streak, then plunged to the bottom after losing 9 straight, and now it's just up and down. They are 3 points behind San Jose for third Pacific Division playoff spot, and yet they find themselves towards the bottom of the NHL standings. A number of stories have emerged after a month and a half of the NHL regular season; Willie Desjardins' job security, Jake Virtanen's situation, Evander Kane rumours, and why the waiver-wire has not been used.

Jim Benning was on TSN 1040 this morning to discuss these topics and more!

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