WCOH Postgame: Canada coast to 6-0 victory over Czech Republic

Jeff Veillette
September 17 2016 10:03PM

Photo Credit: Kevin Souza/USA TODAY SPORTS

It's opening day at the World Cup of Hockey, and all the gloom, doom, debates, and debacles have been thrown out the window. Whether this oddball event makes any sense is irrelevant; all that matters is that the puck is on the ice, and so are the world's best.

"World's best" is a key phrase there. As always, the pressure is higher for Canada to succeed than anybody else. They're the perennial Olympic powerhouse, and while the average degree of difficulty has tilted up, a team with a tradition of dominance should be able to shake such a roadblock off.

If today's game was any indication, they're going to have no trouble doing just that, as they cruised to an easy 6-0 win against the Czech Republic.

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September 17 2016 04:56PM

It is time for the hockey! And tonight, we get to see Team Canada—the favourite entering the World Cup of Hockey—against the Czech Republic. Sidney Crosby leads his team into a three-week battle that should result in another victory for the land of ice and snow—and they can do it before the snow flies. 

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What They're Saying: The Sedin Era Nearing its End

Vanessa Jang
September 17 2016 02:44PM

Reading that title, those are words that every Canucks fan dreads. Daniel and Henrik Sedin turn 36 in just a few days, an age where most NHL players would have already called it quits. The twins are a rare breed, not only playing as part of the 35+ club but succeeding too.

Their point production has yet to fall, and what they lack in speed, they make up for with elite hockey sense. The two recently spoke with Sportsnet's Mark Spector in what Canucks fans may find to be a somber interview.

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Graphic Comments: September hockey games are definitely getting an upgrade this year

Graphic Comments
September 17 2016 11:59AM


If you've ever been a season ticket holder in the NHL you know what a money grab those pre-season games are. Most, if not all, teams charge full price for those games. Given that there are usually about four home pre-season games each year, that's a 10% bump up in the cost of your season tickets.

I finally gave up my tickets this year, but that was always the thing that stuck in my craw the most every year. Paying full price to see a bunch of guys that had no business being in the NHL playing meaningless games. And once I couldn't tell the difference between the pre-season and the regular season, it was time to get out.

But enough about meaningless regular seasons, let's talk about the World Cup of Hockey.

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Student of the Game: Thatcher Demko

Ryan Biech
September 16 2016 11:47PM

The Canucks and their fans have high hopes for Thatcher Demko this season. There's bound to be a learning curve, though, and adjustments made along the way for the young blue chip goaltender. That process began tonight in Penticton.

The Canucks Young Stars struggled throughout the first half of the game on Friday night, though Demko did his part to keep the Canucks within striking distance. Known for challenging shooters in the NCAA, Demko will need to modify his approach to avoid getting himself in trouble against better, more polished offensive players. 

Based on tonight's showing, those adjustments are already taking hold.

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