2015: The Year of the Goat

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February 19 2015 04:00PM


Happy lunar New Year! Or as they say in Toronto, "Gone hey, frat boy?"

At least, that's what they would like to say about everyone's favourite punching bag in Toronto. And no, that is not a shot at his body type.

Seems like tide has turned at the Centre of the Universe, and they are open to moving pretty much everyone except Morgan Rielly. Not sure if that's because they recognize he's a real talent, or maybe they just keep misspelling his name and Morgan Reilly actually is available.

But I digress.

The point is, it looks like Phil Kessel is taking the fall for Leafs. And I'm sure there's an autumn joke in there somewhere, but I really want to get this back to the Canucks, so let's talk about our own little goat out here in Canucksville after the jump.

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All Talk, No Kassian

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February 05 2015 05:00PM


Boy, there sure has been a lot of talk about Zack Kassian the last few days. We've gone from Zack talking to the media after being told he would be scratched on Tuesday, to Canucks head coach, Willie Desjardins, talking to Warren Rychel, the co-owner of Kassian's Memorial Cup winning team, the Windsor Spitfires.

But despite all the talking, there's still no game action for Kassian, as it has just come out that he will once again be scratched for tonight's game against the Sharks.

Oooh, boy. Next thing you know, he's going to show up at the rink in a track suit...

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Corsi Is Dead. Long Live Corsi.

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January 29 2015 03:00PM


All eyes in the NHL this weekend were turned to Columbus, where you could see a once interesting and entertaining fixture in the hockey world now turned into a laughing stock, filled with professionals just going through the motions and putting on an embarrassing display.

No, I'm not talking about the All-Star Game, I'm talking about Ken Campbell and The Hockey News.

With news breaking that the NHL is about to revamp it's website to add new statistics, as well as trialing new technologies to automatically track even more on-ice parameters, Campbell penned an obituary to Corsi.

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Vegas Maybe, VEGAS!!!

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December 11 2014 10:30AM


I'm not sure if it's hallucinations due to heat stroke or just another dream of striking it rich on the Strip, but it looks like Gary Bettman and the NHL are seriously entertaining the idea of putting another team in the desert.

Whatever the case, I hope they wind up selling the arena rights to the Mirage Hotel & Casino, because boy is the thought of an NHL franchise thriving in Vegas ever an illusion.

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When Do The Oilers Get To The Punchline?

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November 20 2014 02:47PM


I have to admit, there's nothing funnier than the wanton chaos of a leaderless mob of kids swarming around without in what seems like a pretty aimless, and uncontrolled fashion leaving behind a wake shattered windows and the smell of burning garbage. Riots, on the other hand, are not funny at all.

Thus begins the ninth year of the Oilers' rebuild, and the continued smashing of the window of opportunity provided by three consecutive first overall picks.

With so much other material to work with, I'm a little disappointed that our friends over at Oilers Nation decided to go with the riot theme in their preview of last night's game.

But I guess disappointment comes with the territory in Edmonton.

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