Luca Sbisa is my Stanley Cup

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June 24 2015 10:00AM


That's it. I've given up all hope of seeing the Canucks win the Cup any time soon.

I'm now making Sbisa's departure my personal Stanley Cup victory. It's really the only thing that is keeping me going as a Canucks fan.

I don't know when. I don't know how. But one day, Luca Sbisa will no longer be a Vancouver Canuck. And on that day, I will personally organize the parade. Heck, I already have the route planned out. It will go along Expo Boulevard to Smithe, then left on Beatty to Nelson. Over the Cambie St. Bridge, down to Marine Drive. Over the Arthur Lainge and finally along Grant McConachie Way...

It will be glorious.

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Narratives are like buses: there'll be another one along in any minute

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May 27 2015 01:00PM


There's no time like the NHL playoffs to help you realize just how prevalent the reliance on narratives really is.

Unlike the regular season, when what passes for analysis can quickly be forgotten by the time the next opponent rolls into town, in the playoffs, those lazy narratives are put to the test the very next game. And when put under the spotlight like that, they usually fail miserably.

Luckily for everyone involved, narratives are like buses. There'll be another one along any minute.

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You Don't Fight Fire With Fire. You Fight It With Ice Cold Water Running Through Your Veins.

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April 21 2015 04:04PM


About half way through the third period of game three, I finally figured it out. I finally realized what Willie Desjardins was up to. And it's not a good sign.

There's been much talk about Desjardins' line deployment, especially the lack of ice time for the Sedin line, and I think now I know why...

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Looks like the Canucks are just rolling their lines: 1, 2, 3, FORE!

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April 17 2015 03:40PM


Ok, look, I know there's the old saying that you gotta dance with the one than brought you, but Willie Desjardins is taking this to extremes. Just because you gotta dance with 'em, doesn't mean you should be doing the Box Step, Willie!

I mean, I love the idea that this team is actually deep enough that you have the option of just rolling four lines. But that doesn't mean you should do it no matter what the context. It doesn't mean that in a close game your most dominant line should be getting as much ice time as the possession sink hole coming up behind it.

Now, to be fair, Willie did in fact change up the line deployment in the third. But the adjustment was to give the Sedins LESS ice time, not more. Really. This happened.

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Graphic Comments: Subtraction By Addition

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April 09 2015 12:33PM


If you've been a Canucks fan long enough, you will likely remember a couple of deadline deals Pat Quinn made with the St. Louis Blues. The most cited is the deal for Jeff Brown, Bret Hedican and Nathan Lafayette (sigh) that set the Canucks up for their unlikely run to the 1994 Stanley Cup Final.

But a few years earlier, Quinn made a much more significant deal when he shipped Garth Butcher and Dan Quinn to the Blues for Geoff Courtnall, Sergio Momesso, Robert Dirk, Cliff Ronning and a 5th round pick. While that turned out to be a great return for the Canucks, at the time there was concern than they had also given away a lot in Butcher and Quinn.

One explanation for the deal, which has stuck with me ever since, was that the real benefit of the trade was that it was addition by subtraction. No matter the player return the Canucks got back, what they really wanted was to get Dan Quinn and his off-ice, playboy lifestyle away from Trevor Linden. 

In many ways, addition by subtraction is probably how the Cody Hodgson trade might be described, ironic as that might be, considering the return. Sometimes the best way to make your team better is to jettison some of those off-ice distractions.

So what does this have to do with the current edition of the Canucks? Well, yesterday they engaged in something that I will call subtraction by addition. I mean, what else did you expect at Canucks Army, if not more math?

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