Graphic Comments: Free Willie

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January 07 2016 02:44PM


The time has come. 

Willie has suffered long enough in captivity. It's time to return him to the open waters of hockey's minor and junior leagues. He's just not meant to perform on demand night in and night out.

It's time to free Willie.

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Graphic Comments: The Kids Aren't Alright

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December 16 2015 05:34PM


Something has been bothering me ever since the Canucks made the decision not to send McCann and Virtanen back to Junior for another year.

I couldn't quite put my finger on, but then it finally hit me like a crushing, open-ice hit murder by Virtanen.

It's not this year that's the problem. It's the next two.

Other than elite talents like McDavid or Eichel, or perhaps draft picks with elite teams, who have enough talent in the line-up to shelter their prospects and ease them into the lineup, the best place to develop players is in the AHL. And by putting both of these kids on the NHL roster, the Canucks have made it that much harder to send them down to Utica next year or the year after.

So the problem isn't how they develop this year. It's how they develop over the next three years.

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Graphic Comments: You win some, you lose some

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November 06 2015 09:51AM


I'm torn. I mean, I am a Canucks fan. On any given night, I want to see them win.

But at the same time, I have seen nothing to indicate that there's any sort of foundation on which to build a contender here.

So I also want them to fall enough in the standings so that they are sellers at the deadline and wind up not only with a high first round pick next June, but also a cupboard full of other picks acquired by trading away some of the looming UFAs.

Now, I didn't always feel this way.

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Graphic Comments: And Patrick Kane Played On

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September 25 2015 12:41PM


As I watch the NHL sail into a new season, I am reminded of the Titanic on its maiden voyage, sailing full steam ahead despite warnings of ice in the area. The Titanic, you see, was not like other ships. It was unsinkable. Until it hit the ice.

Similarly, the NHL continues to hold its course despite a variety of warning signs, all the while clinging to the notion that it's not like other leagues. NHL, you see, is not like other leagues. Its players "know what's right and wrong." Until they hit their spouse.

Or worse.

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Graphic Comments: #pleaselikemysport

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September 11 2015 07:36PM


For the second time this week, Pierre Lebrun has whitewashed the NHL's image in light of the arrests, convictions and criminal investigations of a number of its players.

The first time he was writing about the LA Kings specifically, and then today a more general piece on the NHL and NHLPA's plans to provide more education to players, presumably, on how to behave like decent human beings.

But the problem I have with both of these pieces is the lengths he goes to tells us that the NHL is different from those other sports. These are just "disconnected arrests or incidents" according to Lebrun.

Indeed, they are. But is he suggesting that the incidents plaguing the NFL, for example, are connected?

Why does the NFL get a bad rap, while the NHL remains "accustomed to a clean image"?

What if instead of Richards, Voynov and Patrick Kane we were talking about Ho-Sang, Subban and Evander Kane?

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