Graphic Comments: Risk vs Reward

Graphic Comments
February 23 2016 05:41PM


Risk vs. reward.

That is what the Hunter Shinkaruk-Markus Granlund trade comes down to. In fact, that is what Jim Benning's entire tenure with the Vancouver comes down to. Eliminating risk.

This latest trade is just another example of Benning's guiding principle. He would rather take a sure bet bottom six roster player than try his luck on an unproven prospect with top six upside.

He did this when he traded Forsling for Clendening, and he's just done it again now.

I don't agree with Torts on much, but I do agree with him when he says "safe is death".

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Graphic Comments: Massive Headwound Gary

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February 19 2016 04:50PM


If a player gets a concussion but there's no doctor there to diagnose it, did he have any symptoms?

According to Gary Bettman, the answer is no.

At least that's the only conclusion you can come to after reading his decision to uphold Dennis Wideman's 20-game suspension for knocking over linesman Don Henderson.

And what a fascinating read it is.

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Graphic Comments: Sighs, Damned Lies, and Season Tickets

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February 12 2016 04:19PM


It turns out that when it comes to the Canucks' playoff hopes, sighs does do matter.

This is not a playoff team. Even if they stumble into the playoffs, they are not a playoff team.

You know it. I know it. And yes, even Benning knows it. No matter how many times he has to blatantly lie about it on the radio.

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Graphic Comments: Pretty sure there's at least one thing Prust could clear

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January 21 2016 04:43PM


Well, that's not strictly true. Prust is also able to clear a pretty big paycheque.

But wow that was quite a performance from Brandon Prust against his "former team", wasn't it?

I mean, the Canucks as a whole were horrible in both games in New York, but oof, that was bad. I haven't seen that many shots fired in New York since Lucky Luciano invited "Joe the Boss" Masseria to lunch on Coney Island.

But yes, suffice it to say, Ryan Miller played great. Brandon Prust, on the other hand, did not. Not only was he horrible, especially in the Rangers game, but he also wind up as the centre of attention going into that game.

Now, there has been plenty of discussion and supposition about why exactly Prust was in the lineup when Jake Virtanen had been scheduled to draw back in, but that's kind of glossing over the point. What we really should be discussing, is why Prust vs. Virtanen is even a choice to be made.

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Graphic Comments: Finger Licking Good

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January 15 2016 11:00AM



I'm still kind of speechless at the way that game against the Panthers ended. I mean, it's one thing for players to chirp each other on the ice, but that commentary from an official team broadcaster was something else.

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