What hockey gods?

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June 05 2012 09:14AM

What hockey gods?

Yes, if you needed any more reason to become a hockey atheist and disown the hockey gods, this is clearly it. As @SteveintheKT put it last night:

Need more proof? Read on...

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Most important holes Canucks need to fill

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May 29 2012 03:42PM

Canucks have holes to fill

With almost a full week off between hockey games, talk in Canuckville has turned to pressing off-season needs. And there are a number of them. With Mike Gillis floating the idea of keeping both Luongo and Schneider, there's a pretty sizeable hole in the goalie budget looming. (Insert Luongo/hole joke here) And I'm sure we can all safely agree that Keith Ballard is not going to fill the hole on the blue line left by the departure of Christian Ehrhoff. But if there's one thing that's clear, it's that Alain Vigneault needs to go back into radio silence mode. Ouch. That was some first day back, Alain.

But this is just the start of the NHL's silly season...

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When chance is your best chance

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May 23 2012 02:25PM

Skill vs. chance

Tyler Dellow has an excellent post over on his blog at mc79hockey.com wherein he compares hockey to soccer and decries the defense first style that gets so much media attention in today's NHL. At least the playoff edition.

But while I agree that it would be nice to have teams play a more entertaining brand of hockey, I just don't think it's realistic.

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Canucks fans explained

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May 15 2012 02:55PM

Canucks fans explained

If this doesn't perfectly sum up the essence of Canucks' nation, I don't know what does.

Top tier goalie on a team that has in the past resorted to Toronto Maple Leafs cast-offs? Boooooooo.

Coach takes you to top of the league two years in a row, and within one win of the Cup? #fireAV.

Selke winning centre hampered by a pretty serious injury? Trade him!

Yup, that's about as irrational as you can get. But again, I take no credit for the idea. It is one of the two things I learned listening to our very own Thomas Drance on the Nation Radio podcast this week. The other one is that Thom is a very nice young man. Seriously.

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The Nashville Predators' Fatal Flaw

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May 08 2012 02:09PM

Predators ultimate demise 

Yes, I'm sure the Star Wars nerds among you will be quick to argue that it was poor shooting accuracy that led to the Stormtroopers losing in six to the Rebel Alliance. But can we be so sure? I mean, maybe it was some Jedi mind tricks that caused all those blaster shots to go astray. Even half-way through the series, Alliance GM, Obi-Wan Kenobi still thought pretty highly of their accuracy:

"These blast-points... Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise."

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