Bye Bye Week

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February 24 2017 03:00PM


With the Canucks off on their bye week, it's time to finally face the inevitable. I have always hated the Wave at sporting events, but in this case I'll make an exception. It's time to wave good-bye to the playoffs for this edition of the Canucks.

They simply aren't good enough.

I know. I know. They're only six points out. There's lots of hockey left to be played. But the fact is they are not any better than they were last year at this point in the season. For all the vaunted changes and being harder to play against, they are barely treading water.

As fans we want to hold out hope. They just need to string a few wins together. Squeak into a wild card spot. Gel as a team of plucky underdogs and go on a run.

Sure, do that. Hope for the best. But prepare for the worst.

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Graphic Comments: Plan 9 From GM Place

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January 24 2017 05:03PM


Well, credit where credit is due, folks.

Since November 17, your lovable Vancouver Canucks have put up an impressive 16-10-5 record, collecting 37 points along the way. That's good enough for a 0.597 points percentage, which would have put them 12th overall if they had been winning at that pace all season.

So it's great to see that Jim Benning's hard work finally paying off with on ice results.

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Graphic Comments: Change Management

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December 09 2016 11:00AM


To turn an old phrase around, the less things change the more they get drastically different.

If you've been paying attention, the signs are there. Much in the same way Westworld sprinkled little things here and there that looked really obvious once the suspense played out, the dots are there to be connected.

There was talk that the Aquilini family was getting more involved with the team.

There were musings linking Dale Tallon to the Canucks.

There were heated trade talks that came to a sudden halt.

Now there's a report that the Canucks won't ask anyone to waive a No Trade or No Move Clause.

And even more telling, outright reports that the Canucks front office, who were busy shopping for 20-goal scorers just a couple of weeks ago, no longer have trade-making authority.

Let that sink in.

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Graphic Comments: Old Whine, New Bottle

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December 05 2016 06:25PM


You know what, I just can't even. I was all set to take down yet another boo-hoo-everybody-hates-Vancouver diatribe apart but why bother.

Patrick O'Sullivan is just another loud mouth from Toronto trying to replicate Don Cherry's shtick and turn it into a career in media.

Except where Cherry has build his persona from deeply held, and very wrong, convictions of how the game is meant to be played, guys like O'Sullivan and Milbury and Denis Potvin are just playing it up for the crowd.

They come off as just sour, bitter versions of Grapes. The same old whine, but in a new bottle.

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Sometimes the plan matches the results

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November 18 2016 05:14PM


I see Jim Benning was on the radio this morning passive-aggressively asking for fans to be patient:

"I'm not going to make no apologies as to where we're at. Our fans, I think, understand what we're trying to do. We're trying to be competitive and develop young players."

But here's the thing with the current team running the Vancouver Canucks: they don't actually have a plan. Yes, they have an end goal in mind. Well, two, actually. But they don't have a plan on how to get there. At least not in the sense of what a well-run business would call a plan.

There's no strategy. There's no logic. There's no milestones. No metrics, checkpoints or structure. 

In short, there is no process. And in the absence of process, there's certainly no attention paid to measuring progress.

How do I know this? Well, let me tell you.

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