The Northwest Division Through 10 Games

Thomas Drance
November 01 2011 02:04PM

Though it's still early in the season, with a roughly ten game sample to work with, we can begin to gauge the quality of teams with some degree of sophistication. As you can see from the image above, at this current juncture in the season the Oilers are riding high, with the Avalanche hot on their tail. The Minnesota Wild are treading water while the Canucks and Flames play poker in the cellar. But how much is what we see a mirage, and how much of it is a more meaningful reflection of the respective team's actual quality?

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One More Post About Raffi's Jay-Z Costume

Thomas Drance
November 01 2011 08:27AM

Having digested the issue for twenty-four hours, read through the comments (many of them exasperating, many of them thoughtful) on my original post, and read the excellent takes on the issue by better writers than I in Bruce Arthur and Harrison Mooney, I figured I'd try and sum up my thoughts about a days worth of dialogue. After this I'll return to Canucks Army's regularly scheduled programming of dry statistical analysis and prospect interviews and such.

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Alain Vigneault's Expiry Date

Thomas Drance
October 31 2011 12:44PM

Over the weekend I read a really interesting piece on whether or not the Canucks are "Tuning out Alain Vigneault" by Joe Pelletier. Joe is a hockey historian, a Canucks fan and an absolute must-follow on twitter, so go do that. While I very much enjoyed his take, I disagreed with it in some respects and I figured it would be worthwhile to elaborate.

Here's the meat of Joe's take (I've paraphrased to some extent):

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Raffi Torres Messes Up

Thomas Drance
October 30 2011 10:15PM

Well it looks like Paul Bissonette's usually flawless twitter usage has finally got one of his teammates into trouble. That teammate: former Canucks forward Raffi Torres, who I personally loved as a Canuck. Raffi, however, made the idiotic mistake of doing blackface on Halloween, when he dressed as Jay-Z and his wife dressed as a pregnant Beyonce Knowles. Seriously people, don't do it, don't wear black-face on Halloween, or ever. It's stupid, it's ignorant, and it just doesn't fly.

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Interview with Frank Corrado

Thomas Drance
October 30 2011 04:55PM

This afternoon I got to talk with Canucks prospect Frank Corrado after his team, the Sudbury Wolves defeated the Brampton Battalion by a score of 4-1. Frank and I talked about the game, Corrado's being an on-ice trash talking chatterbox, the season he's having in Sudbury and Movember. Enjoy!

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