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Thomas Drance
May 08 2011 12:05PM

Goats Alex Edler and Henrik Sedin skate past the celebrating Predators after Nashville defeated Vancouver 4-3 on Saturday night.
(Photo by Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

Last night, the Canucks failed to close out their second round series against Nashville – losing 4-3 at home. The loss was followed by inevitable hand-wringing from fans and media, but this somewhat irrational despair ignores the fact that the Canucks outplayed the Preds in nearly every respect. The Preds had the edge in two major categories: goaltending and goals scored. Unfortunately those are the most important categories. Nonetheless, the Canucks performance was solid, and I see no reason for panic. The Canucks out possessed, out-hit, out-chanced, out-shot, and – with the exception of Henrik Sedin (more on this in a minute) – they dominated the face-off circle against the Preds.

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Thomas Drance
May 04 2011 10:47AM

Kesler celebrates his game winning tip.
(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Yesterday - the Canucks team effort was solid, but for a second straight game the Canucks allowed the Predators to score late, forcing overtime. Thankfully, however, the team from Vancouver pulled out the win.

That the Canucks won last night was in large part thanks to Kesler's gamesmanship, and soft hands. In OT, Kesler drew a rather weak penalty on Shea Weber with a scrappy “chicken-wing” maneuver. Kesler's chicken-winging was unclean and theatrical, but it was also as timely as Milhousian flood-pants. On the ensuing power-play, the Canucks resident Selke nominee tipped a Samuelsson shot 5-hole for the game winner.

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Thomas Drance
April 27 2011 11:40AM

Photograph by: Ian Lindsay, PNG

                                                             Photograph by: Ian Lindsay, PNG

Oh the agony that was so narrowly avoided by Burrows clutch OT goal.

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Thomas Drance
April 20 2011 12:09PM

(Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images) 

                                         (Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images) 

There's no point sugar-coating it. The Canucks performance yesterday was brutal, and the game was simply hard to watch.

Is there anything that makes Canucks fans as uniquely furious as watching their team lose to Chicago, in the Mad House, in a blow-out? I found that the anger physiologically lodged itself in the pit of my stomach, a sensation similar to the one you get when you leave your belly some 40 feet behind you on a roller coaster - except it's a dull, resentful feeling - totally devoid of "amusement park ride" exhilaration.

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Thomas Drance
April 17 2011 09:14PM

 Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 30153

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