Game Review: SCF GM 3

Thomas Drance
June 07 2011 01:43PM

If a goon puts his fingers in your mouth, that is trespassing and the UN authorizes you to use "any necessary means" to expel the intruder.
(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jonathan Hayward))

It's with a heavy-heart that I write this game review. Last night sucked, all around. If you're a Bruins fan, the 7 goal victory probably provides some consolation, but my guess is you'd trade 6 of those goals for a healthy Horton going forward. The writers at Canucksarmy wish Horton a speedy, full recovery and our thoughts are with him, his family and his teammates this afternoon. We've gone on record many times criticizing the NHLs, and the NHLPAs abject failure to protect their players from head-injuries – so despite Rome's harsh punishment, we applaud the league for having the stones to do the right thing in this instance.

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On Biting, Diving and Rooting for the “Bad-Guy”

Thomas Drance
June 05 2011 01:11PM

Om Nom Nom
(Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)

From the stellar ratings, to the nicknacks in Harper's office - Canada clearly cares about the Canucks. Whether you're rooting for the Canucks, or obsessing over your hatred for their greasy, diving ways – you're watching the games, and you have an opinion. So they don't “represent you” - of course they don't – unless you were born in Vancouver, moved there, or developed an affection for the team through the osmosis of knowing, dating, or working with a huge fan. Obviously, the only team that represents Canada is the national team. Either way, Canada cares what happens to this team, and lots of neutral fans are rooting for them – that's just fact.

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Game Review: SCF GM 2

Thomas Drance
June 05 2011 11:57AM

Burrows outfoxes both Tim Thomas and Zdeno Chara to score the second fastest OT winner in NHL playoff history.
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

It's hard to imagine a Stanley Cup Finals game with more plot lines than Saturday's game two between the Bruins and the Canucks. Between Manny's return to action, the Bruins PP finally finding the twine, and Alex Burrows' epic heel turn, there was also a wildly entertaining game of hockey played. History, and the fans of both teams, will only remember how the game ended - but that obscures the fact that through 45 minutes of play - the Boston Bruins were taking it to the Canucks, and comfortably carrying the play.

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Tim Thomas Versus the World

Thomas Drance
June 04 2011 09:42AM

Tim Thomas is beating teams single-handedly.

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Top 10 Most Memorable Moments from the Canucks Run to the Finals

Thomas Drance
June 01 2011 01:07PM

Tonight the Canucks will play game one of the Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins. It will mark only the teams third appearance in the finals in their forty year existence, and their first as the favourite to win. Boston is a big physical team with the best goaltender, and the biggest 1A Dman on the planet, so it should be a tough fought series. 

The series has been previewed ad nauseum during the break between the end of the conference finals, and today. So rather than preview what is to come, I enlisted the help of Canucks icon “The Stanchion” to recap the most memorable moments from the run that brought the Canucks to the finals. And what better way to succinctly recap a memorable run (the events of which, we will eventually exaggerate in comic fashion) than with a nerd friendly top-10 list. Fasten your High Fidelity helmet, and come re-live the best moments from the Canucks 2011 run through the Western Conference!

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