Afternoon Headshots: March 6th

Thomas Drance
March 06 2013 05:56PM

Jeff Vinnick captures the precise moment M.E. Vlasic feels the impact of this Jannik Hansen hit.
I feel like Vlasic face could be a thing.

Today at Canucks Army we wondered whether or not the Canucks were maybe, possibly thinking about trading the wrong goaltender, scoffed at Damien Cox's latest criticism of Mike Gillis' avarice on the Luongo trade front and recapped Tuesday night's home shootout loss against the San Jose Sharks.

More links and analysis (and links to analysis) after the jump.

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Strombabble: Did Gillis' "Greed" Cause him to whiff on Bozak and Kadri?

Thomas Drance
March 06 2013 12:27PM

Did Mike Gillis' "Greed" cost the Canucks Nazem Kadri?
Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press

This morning Damien Cox caused a bit of a stir on Twitter when he began criticizing Canucks management for turning down a trade with the Maple Leafs at the NHL draft this past June:

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Afternoon Headshots: March 5th

Thomas Drance
March 05 2013 06:43PM

Biesellent is such dad humour.
Via Sealcat, who else?

Today at our humble old Canucks blog we guffawed at some funny photos of Zack Kassian, tried our best (and mostly failed) to figure out whether or not Nicklas Jensen was AHL eligible following his successful season in the Swedish Elite League, laughed at the ineptitude of the Northwest Division and previewed tonight's contest between the Canucks and the Sharks.

Lots of other Canucks news happened too (okay, not lots but some!) and we'll recap it after the jump.

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Nicklas Jensen finishes off his SEL Season, will be assigned to Chicago this week

Thomas Drance
March 05 2013 02:22PM

Nicklas Jensen celebrates a goal with AIK in October.
Photo Uncredited Via Expressen.

On Tuesday morning Nicklas Jensen's season with Swedish Elite League team AIK came to an end, and he scored a third period goal to seal the win in his final game. According to Vancouver's Assistant General Manager Lorne Henning, Nicklas Jensen will be assigned to Chicago on Friday.

That said his eligibility for American Hockey League action isn't quite a slam-dunk yet.

Read on past the jump for more.

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An Extraordinarily Silly Zack Kassian Photo Gallery

Thomas Drance
March 04 2013 06:32PM

Zack Kassian reacts to the news that another blogger put together a photogallery of funny photos of him.
All photos in this post from Grainne's Sealcat tumblr.

I'm not sure what it is about Zack Kassian that makes him so ceaslessly photogenic, but it's undeniable.

Maybe it's his ability to grow multiple different types of hilarious facial hair? Or maybe it's that his wild hair and receding hairline makes him look like a cross between a lumberjack and a wildabeast? Or perhaps it's that gap-toothed grin that just screams "1970's hockey"? Whether or not it's one of those factors, or the unique combination of all three, cameras just love Zack Kassian and I'm far from the first person to notice it.  Already in this young hockey season multiple hockey bloggers like Rob the Hockey Guy and Justin Bourne have built Zack Kassian photo gallerys, and both posts owned.

Maybe it's overkill for me to get into it as well, but I found a whole whack of hilarious Kassian photos that I hadn't seen before on Tumblr today, and I figured I had to put them into a post. Read on past the jump for more.

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