Canucks Fans: Still the Worst (Sometimes)

Thomas Drance
October 11 2012 10:25AM

A digital mob attacked the girl who wrote this message.

Canucks fans - as a group - are savvy. Generally they understand the value of a guy like Chris Higgins - whose contributions extend past what you see in the boxscore. Canucks fans - as a group - donate a lot of money to charity. In the past they've got behind initiatives like Five Hole for Food, Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer, or Scrabble Tournaments with Tanner Glass with zeal. Canucks fans - as a group -  support their team voraciously through thick and thin.

But as we've seen repeatedly, and again on Wednesday night, Canucks fans (as a group) are terrible when it comes to keeping things in perspective.

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Game Day Preview: Game #1 Canucks @ Flames

Thomas Drance
October 11 2012 09:11AM

Photo Credit: Jeremy Lim.

Were it not for the lockout, tonight would mark the culmination of a long offseason and the start of regular season Canucks hockey. If not for the business realities of 21st Century Professional Sports, the Vancouver Canucks would be headed to Calgary to play (and probably soundly defeat) an undermanned Flames club.

In an ideal world we'd have updates from practice this afternoon, and Canucks fans would bitch about Alain Vigneault's newest, weird line combinations. Cory Schneider would be poised to debut as the team's starter, and the fans would be giddy about getting to watch a flurry of back-hand saucer passes from "Henrik to Daniel, back to Henrik, to Daniel again at the side of the net, back to Henrik to Burrows in front GOOAL!"...

Alas, the NHL season won't begin tonight, and it probably won't begin any time soon (the soonest it could begin is October 25th - but don't hold your breathe). So instead of previewing the game, we'll preview some alternative entertainment options you might consider in the absence of NHL hockey...

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Headshots October 1st

Thomas Drance
October 01 2012 02:52PM

Cliff Ronning (along with Jeff Brown and Jyrki Lumme) was my favorite player growing up.
It's also his birthday today. Happy 42nd birthday Cliff!

Headshots are a Canucks Army feature where we link to the day's freshest news, and other assorted Canucks web-goodies. If you're written a blogpost, produced a tribute video, birthed a clever .gif into existence, or have a hockey related cause you'd like to see promoted in this space - please e-mail Thom at

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On the PR Front: Hamhuis, Bieksa and the NHLPA are Schooling the Owners

Thomas Drance
October 01 2012 11:48AM

Photo Credit: Steve Bosch, PNG, Vancouver Sun

Most close observers tend to agree that "Public Relations" won't matter much in shaping the outcome of a new CBA, and they're probably right. But for a gate driven business in the midst of a public negotiation, the public relations angle isn't meaningless. The current lockout is a three dimensional game of chess and every little bit of leverage matters, especially because the owners possess a large structural advantage (since they control a Monopoly on elite-level professional hockey in North America).

To that end, over the past week Kevin Bieksa and Dan Hamhuis - the Vancouver Canucks' ace shut-down pairing - have been on a subtle media blitz. In contrast with Daryl Katz's Seattle feint (which was bungled messily by the reactive @NHL_Oilers Twitter account), and Jimmy Develano's mishandling of facebook (and his series of stupid public comments that led to his $250,000 fine); what Bieksa and Hamhuis have managed to do over the past ten days has been doubly impressive.

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The Cloutier Hire Reax

Thomas Drance
September 27 2012 01:25PM

Petbugs on why Cloutier is a fine choice as the Canucks' newest goaltending consultant.

On Tuesday morning, the @News1130Sports Twitter feed dropped a little nugget of Canucks related information that set off a wave of cursing, recriminations and beach ball jokes among Canucks fans:

Granted, Dan Cloutier was a below average goaltender in his career and for the Canucks, but he's far from the worst starting goaltender the team has ever employed. You wouldn't know that, however, from his reputation. From the epic Lidstrom flub, to that blown series and game 7 lead against the Minnesota Wild in the playoffs that one time; there are too many tough moments that overshadow Cloutier's string of 30 win seasons playing behind one of the most entertaining and offensively gifted clubs in team history. It's not fair, but that's life for a professional hockey goalie.

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