Dwight King and @Strombone1: Separated at Birth?

Thomas Drance
March 22 2013 05:32PM


John Hoven (aka The Mayor) is an accredited L.A Kings blogger who runs the incomparable Mayor's Manor, an L.A. Kings blog that specializes in miscellany. Who got the choice quote from Drew Doughty comparing the whining Coyotes to the whining Canucks? That was Hoven. Drew Doughty talking about how he hates the Canucks other times? Also John Hoven. Dustin Brown praising Dan Hamhuis while his teammates mostly take shots at Kevin Bieksa? If you guessed John Hoven, you'd be right.

All of this is a long-winded way of telling you that John Hoven's blog is a gold mine. He was at it again today, asking Roberto Luongo about his resemblance with Kings winger Dwight King (pictured above). This was the first I'd ever heard about Luongo's NHL doppleganger, but looking at some photos the resemblance is actually uncanny.

More on Roberto Luongo's latest doppleganger after the jump.

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"Analytics Play a Role in Helping you make Decisions" - Mike Gillis

Thomas Drance
March 22 2013 02:04PM

Canucks General Manager Mike Gillis appeared on the Team 1040's "Scotty and Company" morning show on Friday and was asked a whole host of questions. In the fiften minute interview the Canucks President and General Manager addressed David Booth's injury status, Ryan Kesler's injury status, the likelihood of a NIcklas Jensen call up, trade deadline priorities, and most interesting from our perspective: analytics.

Scott Rintoul, pivoting off of James Mirtle's fascinating piece on the Pittsburgh Penguins, Moneyball and the James Neal acquisition which ran in the Globe and Mail on Thursday, asked Mike Gillis this question: "When it does come to player movement, how much do analytics factor into your personnel decisions?" Gillis' response: (transcription my own)

"They're a factor but they're not the ultimate factor.

I think James Neal has also benefitted from playing with extremely good players in Pittsburgh. When you're playing with Evgeni Malkin your opportunities to score and your opportunities to produce are going to be a little bit stronger than if you're playing with some other guys.

So I think analytics play a role in helping you make decisions, but there's lots of factors that go into making a decision like that."

Read on past the jump for more.

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Shorthanded Canucks Stump Toothless Coyotes in a Weird One

Thomas Drance
March 22 2013 01:05AM

Jordan Schroeder celebrates his game winner with Mason Raymond and Kevin Bieksa.
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

In a game that featured two controversial goalie running incidents, Keith Ballard on the Canucks third line, and zero scoring chances from the Sedin-line - the Canucks somehow managed to pull out a regulation win in the comfy confines of Jobbing.com arena. Heh, Jobbing.com arena.

More immaturity, but also super technical analysis of Thursday night's game, after the jump.

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Alex Edler Assessed Major Penalty for Charging Mike Smith

Thomas Drance
March 21 2013 10:30PM

Late in the second period of Thursday night's Canucks game in Glendale, Arizona the Canucks were on the power-play when an unsuspecting Mike Smith left his net to play the puck in the trapezoid. What happened next will shock you! In fact there's lots of shocking things about this play.

First off, it's a bit of an uncharacteristic shot from Alex Edler - who generally plays more like a Lady Byng candidate than a thug. Secondly, it's uncharacteristic of Mike Smith to hop back up after an opposition skaters makes contact with him, as opposed to doing his best Ryan Kelser impression and rolling around on the ice. Thirdly, Alex Edler was assessed a major for charging on the play, which I found kind of surprising.

Read past the jump.

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Evening Headshots March 21st

Thomas Drance
March 21 2013 06:38PM

Chris Higgins is out of the lineup for tonight's game against Phoenix.
But don't worry, he's not injured (as is being reported elsewhere). He's just joined the Wiserhood.

Today at Canucks Army we previewed tonight's Canucks game against the Phoenix Coyotes, considered some NHL defensemen who the Canucks would do well to acquire at the trade deadline, investigated whether or not Alain Vigneault's "trap it up" game plan was unique among NHL coaches (it's obviously not) and looked at the unpredictable impact of a mid-season coaching change.

Read on past the jump if you want a longer recap of today's Canucks news and assorted hot sports takes from around the internets.

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