Sign An Offersheet, Be A Cancer Fighter

Cam Davie
October 31 2014 10:37AM


For those of you that know me well, you know that I am pretty passionate about the fight against cancer. Specifically, the fight against childhood cancer.

Here's why.

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See you folks!

Cam Davie
December 07 2012 12:29PM

Well, folks. It's time to go.

I've spent three and a half wonderful years yelling and cheering and bitching and complaining. I've loved every bit of it. But it's time for me to hang up my big-boy blogging pajama pants.

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You Know What I Hate?! - Nov 2nd

Cam Davie
November 02 2012 01:54PM

THis lockout stinks worse than this pumpkin a week after Halloween.
But does anyone care anymore?
(Photo from @RealGregMyall15)

Today I bring back my weekly feature of me venting and raging on stupid crap happening with the Canucks, their fans and around the NHL. Two things about this feature... 1) It will appear sporadically, and 2) It is blatantly ripped off from a stand-up bit from comedian Craig Anton. On either point, I make no apologies. Enjoy. Or don't.

This week, in the glorious return of "You Know What I Hate?!" (please stop laughing), I eat from a big ol’ bowl of NHL-lockout-flavoured hate.

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My Day At RHCC

Cam Davie
October 18 2012 12:13PM

The elements were not in our favour. But that didn't stop anyone from playing hard and having fun.

It was rainy, windy, and cold. It took me forever to get there, driving from one side of the Lower Mainland to the other. It had all the ingredients to be a long, miserable day. But my day spent volunteering for Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer was one of the most entertaining and fulfilling experiences I have ever had.

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Canucks Celebrity Draft Picks

Cam Davie
September 28 2012 10:09AM

Michael Buble is not the first celebrity to feature prominently in the Canucks organization.
(Photo courtesy

It is hardly a secret that the Vancouver Canucks have had a dismal draft history. It is a source of constant head-scratching, foot stomping and table flipping among Canucks fans old and new. Here are a few names to cause your heart to shrivel and shrink just a little: Patrick White. Jason Herter. Libor Polasek. Mike Wilson. Brad Ference. The list goes ON and ON.

However, the Canucks have a less publicized, yet surprisingly impressive history of drafting "celebrities", dating all the way back to their first year in the NHL. 

Do you care to hazard some guesses as to which famous members of film, music, TV and sport have been selected by the Vancouver Canucks? Read on past the jump!

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