On the road with Dan and Patrick

Cam Charron
November 10 2011 08:23AM

(Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)

The scene: Fresh off a 3-0 loss to the St. Louis Blues, a few members of the Chicago Blackhawks go out for some beers. Daniel Carcillo and Patrick Kane have a few too many and are left to find their own way back to the hotel. Missing wakeup call, the team accidently leaves without them, leaving Carcillo and Kane to find their own way to Columbus...

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Aaron Rome, a lesson in shot suppression

Cam Charron
November 07 2011 02:14PM

Go this way Aaron Rome, and suppress our opponents shot totals!
Photo Credit: Nam Y. Huh/AP Photo

Last night Aaron Rome made his return to the Vancouver Canucks lineup playing, according to timeonice.com, 11.6 minutes of even strength time against primarily Chicago's depth players: Marcus Kruger, Dan Carcillo and Viktor Stalberg. It wasn't anything extremely fancy, and he didn't play a lot of situational minutes, but he got himself back into the lineup. Despite giving up 10 shots including three in the three shifts he played against Patrick Kane, Rome is ready to do what he does best when he's in the lineup: shot suppression.

A season ago, I think Alain Vigneault confused a big number of Canuck fans by sitting Keith Ballard in favour of the less impressive, less talented Rome. Let's jump into my time machine, use the shrink-ray, and top it off with a quick stint in the telepod (don't forget to bring a small fly in with you!). Now that we've morphed into itty-bitty mosquitos and are back in the Spring of 2011, let's fly into the Canucks boardroom, so we can be a fly on the wall, privy to an in-house discussion about defensive personnel:

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Don Cherry confused me, Episode II

Cam Charron
November 06 2011 11:24AM

Welcome to 'Don Cherry confused me', a new Sunday-morning feature that will chronicle the silly things that Don Cherry says the night before on Coach's Corner. The feature will focus on Cherry's out-dated focus on the game and attempt to get him to understand that things happen in hockey a little bit differently than he remembers them.

Episode Two: Blame the System!

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Three goalie controversies worth following

Cam Charron
November 06 2011 10:05AM


There has been a lot of talk in Vancouver recently about goaltenders and whether Roberto Luongo is the right guy to carry this team. But early in the season, this is a narrative that carries across many hockey markets, and, valid or not, the play of a goaltender is one that dominates headlines as the goalie is the most important player on the team. Here are three goalie controversies that bear slightly more weight than the Luongo/Cory Schneider discussions, and may have stronger repurcussions repercussions as well.

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Kevin Bieksa, appearance vs. reality

Cam Charron
November 05 2011 12:15PM

There are numbers for everything in sports.

Luck? Sign me up.

I got into a bit of a discussion on Twitter with another competitor in the Province's #ReplaceTheKB competition last night about the play of Kevin Bieksa. Bieksa, I'm sure you're all aware, is a team-low minus-9, has yet to score a goal, and has been on the ice for 21 goals against so far through just 14 games.

May I suggest to you that Bieksa is going through an unlucky streak. This is something that we can quantify with something called PDO. What is PDO? Follow me after the jump.

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