Canucks TV discuss 'Moneyball'

Cam Charron
November 24 2011 02:06PM

I tuned into Sportsnet last night a few minutes before the game started and one of those Canucks TV segments was trolling along before the game. I don't typically watch those because there's usually nothing in my own specific interest that pops up, but I happened to tune in mentally because I saw Canucks assistant General Manager Laurence Gilman on-screen as host Barry MacDonald asked him a question about Moneyball. The full interview is up at Canucks.Com but I've quoted the relevant sections of the interview pertaining to the interest of this blog and its readers.

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Vancouver's Other Team are Playing a Big Game Today

Cam Charron
November 20 2011 08:49AM

I was six when that picture was taken, and had the opportunity to go, having an uncle on the team. Being scared of the noise in the old domed stadium, I never went, and its one of the biggest regrets I have. I can't remember the game, but it would be nice to say I was in the building for Vancouver's greatest sports moment.

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Who are the Canucks early powerplay leaders?

Cam Charron
November 19 2011 03:23PM

On Thursday, I had a post about the Vancouver Canucks early penalty-killing successes and struggles, and which players were the most successful on that aspect of special teams. Today, I'll look at the powerplay.

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Who are the Canucks early penalty killing leaders?

Cam Charron
November 17 2011 02:27PM

-Why is Andrew Alberts at the forefront in this article about Canucks penalty killing?
(via Richard Lam/Getty)

The Canucks penalty kill allowed two goals last night to Chicago, but otherwise they have been pretty solid since a rough beginning. Much of it is thanks to Roberto Luongo regressing out of his sub-.800 penalty kill save percentage funk, and the team is now a respectable 12th place in traditional penalty kill statistics, killing off 84.4% of man advantages.

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After 19 games, Then and Now

Cam Charron
November 17 2011 11:30AM

So, Vancouver lost 5-1 last night to Chicago in a blowout on home ice in their 19th game. For an interesting yet useless bit of trivia, last season in their 19th game they dropped a 7-1 game on home-ice to the Blackhawks. The season prior, in their 19th game, they lost 6-1 on the road to St. Louis.

It's really unlucky 19 for the Vancouver Canucks, but what's good is that they tend to pick it up afterwards (for the record, the season before, in 2009, the Canucks had a 6-3 win over the New York Rangers in Game 19, so it isn't some cursed habit) and finish the year on a stronger note than how they started, with 2009 being the exception.

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