Canucks Army Postgame - Falling on Their Own Sword

That's Offside!
January 30 2015 11:13PM

For a brief moment, it appeared as if a flaw had appeared in Tim Murray's master plan. His Sabres, victors of 13 consecutive greatest tank battles, had somehow found themselves ahead 1-0 in the 1st period against the Vancouver Canucks. But General Ted Nolan is nothing if not resilient. He rolled out his armoured division in full power at the start of the second period, ensuring that the fantastic streak of tanking prowess would remain intact.

The Canucks dominated the Sabres for rest of the night, coming away with a 5-2 win. Read past the jump for a recap.

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Canucks Army GDT #47 - Canucks vs. Sabres

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January 30 2015 01:18PM

There are no two ways about this, so let's just get this right out of the way: the Buffalo Sabres are the worst team to be assembled in the past decade and are tanking for Connor McDavid so brazenly that they're literally already having McDavid play home games in Buffalo's rink. They played and lost to the Edmonton Oilers last night, and the Canucks have been resting since Tuesday's 4-0 loss to the Anaheim Ducks. This is as close as guaranteed win night as there is in the NHL (except if you're the San Jose Sharks that is), and the Canucks should be plenty motivated to win one for Ryan Miller anyways.

For a closer look at tonight's matchup, read past the jump.

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Canucks Acquire Clendening From Blackhawks

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January 29 2015 09:45PM

According to the Vancouver Canucks Twitter account, the Vancouver Canucks have acquired D Adam Clendening from the Blackhawks in exchange for prospect D Gustav Forsling.

Read past the jump for initial thoughts and analysis.

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Is Matt Bartkowski a Good Fit in Vancouver?

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January 29 2015 11:00AM

Given all the chatter surrounding the Canucks and Bruins making a potential deal, it seems like a foregone conclusion that something is going to happen between these two teams before the trade deadline. We know that Canucks management isn't a fan of Zack Kassian, we know that Vancouver needs help on their left side D, and we know that Boston Bruins left side D Matt Bartkowski has been struggling for ice time in Boston and has ties to the Canucks organization. Putting two and two together, it seems like the heavy flirting between the Canucks and Bruins will eventually amount to a Kassian-for-Bartkowski swap, perhaps with some other stuff thrown in.

So let's just get out ahead of this right now, what the heck is a "Matt Bartkowski"? Is it better than Zack Kassian? How will it help the Canucks? Read past the jump to find out. 

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What Would You Do Thursday: Which Goalie to Trade?

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January 29 2015 09:30AM

Welcome to a mid-week favourite feature here on Canucks Army and all sites on the Nation Network: What Would You Do Thursday, where we put you, yes YOU, in charge of your own imaginary Vancouver Canucks. We'll present you with a different scenario each week, and you tell us how you'd solve it in the comments section below. Give props to the answers you do like and trash the ones you don't. Easy! So let's get started: 

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