Canucks Army Player Previews: Ryan Miller

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October 09 2014 06:00PM

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At one point last season, it looked like the situation in Vancouver's crease was finally going to be clear. Cory Schneider had been dealt to the New Jersey Devils, and the reins had been handed once more to Roberto Luongo. After being jerked around for 2012-2013, it was Lu's team again. No more goalie controversy.

Oh how foolish we were.

We should have known that just one year without some kind of nonsense drama was too much to ask. Eddie Lack was a fantastic backup, but he was too fantastic. A 0.925 save percentage convinced John Tortorella starting Lack in the marquee event in the season, alienating Roberto Luongo one final time, leading to a string of events that eventually saw Ryan Miller end up with a 3-year, $18 million contract to be the starting goalie for the Vancouver Canucks in 2014-2015.

So, how will Miller fare after a stellar career in Buffalo and a brutal half season in St. Louis? Read past the jump to find out.

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Canucks Army Postgame: Canucks to Go 82-0, Sweep Playoffs, Win Stanley Cup

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October 09 2014 12:28AM

Okay, so, maybe they won't quite go 82-0. Maybe they'll even lose a game or two or thirty-eight along the way. Maybe they'll lose 7-0 to Arizona on a rainy Tuesday in mid- January, losing Henrik Sedin and Dan Hamhuis to injury. Maybe they'll go on a 10-game losing streak and miss the playoffs entirely. But for right now, the Vancouver Canucks are perfect. As of Wednesday, October 8th, 2014, Vancouver leads the NHL in points and has yet to lose a game . They won't be perfect for long, and we don't even know if they'll be good for long, so we might as well enjoy the possibility of a perfect 2014-2015 season while we can.

Wednesday's 4-2 win over the Calgary Flames was far from perfect. The defense made some sloppy turnovers, the team sat way too far back in the third period, and the Sedins got buried in possession, but a win now is worth the same as a win in March or April or May. What's important is that they win 44 more games over the next 8 months.

Read past the jump for a recap on what was a night of many firsts for the 2014-2015 Vancouver Canucks.

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Canucks Army GDT #1 - Canucks @ Flames

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October 08 2014 04:54PM

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Canucks Army Player Previews: Luca Sbisa

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October 05 2014 08:44PM

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In many ways, Luca Sbisa is an asset that many teams covet. He's big, he's young, he's physical, he's a defenseman, and he has a first-round NHL entry draft pedigree. 

Then again, Cam Barker and Ryan Parent had the same things going for them. 

Sbisa has struggled to gain his footing in the NHL so far in his career, being relegated to the 9th D role in Anaheim last season, and ultimately cast off by the Ducks in the Ryan Kesler trade. Jim Benning and Willie Desjardins have given Sbisa every opportunity to show he deserves a top-6 role in Vancouver this upcoming season, but that hasn't gone all that well so far. Can Sbisa finally live up to his potential and become a legitimate NHL player? Or will he fail to make a good impression in what may very well be his last shot at being a long-term NHLer? Read past the jump.

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Canucks Army Postgame: Bring On The Real Hockey!

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October 04 2014 11:41PM

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There's an old idiom in sports, that you should never complain about a win. Well, we're masters of complaining at Canucks Army, and it's the preseason so wins are kind of secondary to whether the team looks good. Against a far less skilled Edmonton Oilers squad resting many of their top players, a veteran-heavy Canucks roster eked out a 3-2 victory, despite being heavily outshot. There wasn't a lot to really like after the first period, but hey, it's the last preseason game and not getting hurt is probably more of a priority than fight like hell for a win that means literally nothing.

Fortunately, this is the last time we can excuse not giving 200% effort in the name of saving yourself for the games that matter because the games that matter start this week!

Read past the jump for a recap of Vancouver's last preseason game of 2014.

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