The SYAE Podcast: Taking a Look at the Future Forward Lines

Dimitri Filipovic
February 15 2013 10:52AM

The player that shall remain unnamed went, well, unnamed over the course of this entire episode.

There's a certain controversy between two Canucks players (that just so happen to play the same position) that has been the main talking point surrounding the team this season. Believe it or not, Cam & I managed to go through an entire podcast without mentioning it once. We hope that's not illegal, but it's entirely possible that it is.

So what did we discuss, then? We spent the entirety of the show taking a long look at the way the forward lines will shake out for the team once Ryan Kesler and David Booth are ready to go. What kind of combinations would you like to see? (let us know in the comments section).

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Fun With (Early Season) Numbers

Dimitri Filipovic
February 13 2013 03:21PM

Hey, it's not ol' Dale's fault he has such a punchable face.

We're now 12 games in, which constitutes exactly a quarter of the 2013 NHL season. Something you need to keep in mind is that just because the season is shorter this year, doesn't necessarily mean that the early season numbers carry any sort of added importance. As Cam Charron wrote a while back, the myth that a 48-game season changes things significantly has been circulated by fans and media alike because, hey, it makes for a far better story!

That takes into account team success, though. Individual performances will surely be skewed this season, at least to an extent. I do think that by the time the season wraps up, it will have provided us with some outlier paces; with the result being bad contracts handed out this sumer, and misguided evaluation of certain players' abilities.

But that's not our concern at the moment. We can only work with what we have, and that's a 12-game sample of numbers. Let's have some fun with them, shall we?

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Canucks Keep Wild Times Going, Stretch Streak to 6: Recap and Chance Data

Dimitri Filipovic
February 13 2013 12:12AM

A physical affair broke out on Tuesday night, but Mason Raymond was up to it.
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hayward/AP

On Tuesday night, the Vancouver Canucks went on to win their 6th game in a row thanks to a 2-1 defeat of Minnesota's professional hockey team. Ironically enough, this game was anything but "wild", despite what the title may imply. Sometimes you need to skew the facts in order to incorporate a good pun. At least that's what Thomas Drance taught me my first day on the job. Plus, it really all depends on your perspective; for example, I think Bryan Reynolds thought this was a heck of a game.

Regardless, a win is a win. All of 'em count the same at the end of the day. And I'm sure that the Canucks will gladly take yet another 2 points against a Northwest Division rival.

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Game #12 Preview: Wild @ Canucks

Dimitri Filipovic
February 12 2013 10:27AM

Max Lapierre and the Canucks had their way with the Wild in their last meeting. They look to do the same on Tuesday night.

"Tune in to TSN on Tuesday night, as Zack Kassian goes toe-to-toe with Zach Parise!"

"Tune in to TSN on Tuesday night to see how many times Minnesota Wild fans can vomit when reminded of Cam Barker's existence!"

"Tune in to TSN on Tuesday night to see how many different ways the Minnesota Wild can light $196 million on fire!"

Only two of those three were fabricated by yours truly, I swear. I'll let you guys guess what's real and what's not. Anyways, the Canucks meet the Wild for the second time in five days, and it'll require some creativity to get yourself (and others) riled up for this one. But we'll try.

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Game #11 Preview: Flames @ Canucks

Dimitri Filipovic
February 09 2013 01:04PM

Roberto Luongo has a sad. Cory Schneider gets the nod again, tonight.

Remember when there was mass panic following a shootout loss to the Los Angeles Kings on January 28th? Sure the Canucks were 2-2-2, but more important they had failed to play a well-rounded 60 minute game. It's safe to say that things have changed a little bit since then. 

The Canucks have won 4 games in a row, and are set to add much-needed reinforcements in the form of David Booth and Ryan Kesler in the coming days. As if there isn't already enough reason for excitement, let me give you one more: they're hosting the Calgary Flames in the third of 3 Hockey Day in Canada games today.

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