Report: Red Wings and Ducks "In On Alex Edler"

Dimitri Filipovic
June 30 2013 01:35PM

Image via wikimedia commons.

The 2013 NHL Draft is underway, and by all accounts, there should be a fair share of wheeling and dealing before all is said and done. With the Vancouver Canucks not having a draft pick - as of right now, at least - until 24th overall, much of the intrigue for fans is on the trade front.

Of course much of the focus has been on the two goaltenders the team has, with reports of Cory Schneider being "on the table" recently surfacing. However, as the trade rumours have really started to heat up, it has become abundantly clear that their puck-moving defenceman, Alex Edler, may very well be the team's most desirable asset

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Canucks Team Needs: Third Pairing Defenceman

Dimitri Filipovic
June 20 2013 09:24AM

Will Alberts be retained? If not who replaces him?
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You can go ahead and forget about the so called "instant classic" that was Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, or the high-scoring shootout that was Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final. Indellible games are one thing, but years from now when people look back on mid-June of 2013, this week will be remembered as the one in which Canucks Army ran their annual "team needs" series.

Fortunately for us - or unfortunately for the team, and its fans, depending on the point of view you take - there's more meat to the list of needs this time around. While the Canucks were a good team last season (and will continue to be for the foreseeable future), there are far more questions surrounding the team's roster composition heading into this offseason compared with offseasons past.

We've already taken a look at the hole down the middle on the third line, the team's desperate need for secondary scoring, and the luxury of having defensive depth to fall back on. Now let's take a closer look at the team's the blue-line, with a particular emphasis on the third pairing.

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The Philadelphia Flyers: Potential Trade Partner?

Dimitri Filipovic
June 11 2013 10:27AM


Unless you're a fan of one of the two teams set to compete for the 2013 Stanley Cup, you're probably spending your time these days trying to figure out ways in which your team can improve their chances of competing for the title next season. This is probably most true for fans of the Vancouver Canucks, whose past run-ins with this year's finalists have them hoping that there's some scenario in which both teams lose and the Cup gets rolled over to next season.

At this point, most of the contrived schemes for improving the Canucks are just harmless speculation and banter, since this period serves as the calm before the storm. While there has been the odd noteworthy move here and there - i.e. Sergei Gonchar being traded to the Stars, Roman Josi receiving an extension from the Predators - things will really only begin to heat up once a champion has been crowned.

When that happens, though, expect all hell to break loose. In case you had forgotten, everything about this NHL season was thrown out of whack due to the lockout; a condensed 48-game scheduled, followed by an entry draft on June 30th (with all 7 rounds taking place during one hectic day), and a free agency period which has been pushed back to July 5th. 

Beyond the draft and free-agency, one way to improve a team is on the trade market. It's easy (and quite fun) to sit at home and concoct outlandish trades that would only ever really happen in a fantasy league. But we'll leave that sort of stuff to the message boards. For a deal to actually happen, there usually needs to be at least two willing parties that benefit from said trade (if only in their minds). Sometimes it can be rather difficult to find a natural fit between two teams, but for the Canucks, there might just be a suitable trade partner in the Philadelphia Flyers.

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The Canucks Competed Like Bastards, But Were Ultimately Still Swept By the Sharks

Dimitri Filipovic
May 08 2013 01:12AM

The handshake line can only mean one thing - a long summer ahead for the losing team.
Image Credit to Don Smith/Getty Images.

The 2013 season ended abruptly for the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday night, after they were swept by the San Jose Sharks. While watching the Canucks play throughout the season would have quickly clued you in on the fact that this was a flawed club which resembled a shell of the team that made the Stanley Cup Finals just two years ago, I don't think anyone expected their postseason run to be this short. They're officially the first team to get bounced from the playoffs, and the only one out of the 16 entrants to fail to win a single game.

There will surely be plenty of time in the coming months to talk about future moves, and potential solutions to fix this team. But for now, let's settle for taking a closer look at what happened in Game 4, and nailing down what exactly caused the Canucks to be sent packing.

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Canucks @ Sharks: Game 4 Preview

Dimitri Filipovic
May 07 2013 01:11PM

Why so serious, Alain?

In the lead-up to Game 3, I brought up the fact that the Canucks were dominating and possession, and that if they kept it up, they were a few bounces from getting right back into the series. I also mentioned that the Sedins and Ryan Kesler were trending upwards, as was the team's penalty kill. All those things made me believe that - while an 0-2 hole with 2 games to play in San Jose is definitely not an ideal situation to be in - this series was far from over.

Then Game 3 happened, as the team completely unravelled in the span of a few minutes in the final frame, as San Jose blew the doors off of this series. At this point even the most delusionally optimistic fan must see the writing on the wall. Regardless, I have a difficult time seeing this team's core group of prideful veterans letting their season end in an embarassing sweep.

When Drance asked Ray Ferraro (during his appearance on the CanucksArmy Podcast) who he'd start in net for Game 4, Ferraro, in a roundabout way, echoed those sentiments: "I would probably play Luongo. I don't know if there is a longer term vision for that, but I get to a point here where we're not trying to win 4 games, we're trying to win 1. And right now Luongo has been very good in this series.

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