Mike Gillis Speaks about AV, Roster moves, and the Kids

Dimitri Filipovic
September 26 2013 04:25PM

Image via 24 Hours .

The games still haven't started counting for anything yet, but with the regular season exactly a week away, and the Rangers (more importantly, Alain Vigneault) in town, there's a buzz in Vancouver that hasn't been felt in a handful of months. 

Mike Gillis joined Matt Sekeres and Blake Price on the Team1040's Midday Show to discuss a handful of interesting topics including his relationship with the aforementioned former Canucks coach, the chances of a few youngsters making the team, potential roster moves coming in the next couple of days, and a Sedin extension.

Read on past the jump for the transcript of today's interview. You can also listen here if you'd like.

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Preseason Game #6 Preview: Rangers @ Canucks

Dimitri Filipovic
September 26 2013 02:07PM

Hey, I know that guy! (Image via John Minchillo/AP )

A friendly face, depending who you talk to of course, comes back to town tonight as Alain Vigneault and his new squad, the New York Rangers, visit Rogers Arena to face the Canucks.

While speaking with Brad Ziemer this morning, Vigneault said that "fans don't come to see coaches.. I don't think anyone is coming to see me". While that's definitely true, there's no denying that his return is dominating the headlines today. And that's a much needed relief for the Canucks, who haven't provided us with very many positives to discuss over the past few weeks. A distraction is more than welcome right about now.

Tonight's tilt with the Rangers marks the final game of the preseason for the Canucks, meaning that this will be the last chance for fringe guys like Bo Horvat and Hunter Shinkaruk to make an impression on the coaching staff in the hopes of sticking around for the team's opener a week from tonight.

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Ouch, That Hertl: Canucks Get Blanked by the Sharks

Dimitri Filipovic
September 24 2013 10:57PM

Andrew Alberts must be a secret agent. It's the only possible explanation for his performance tonight.

The Canucks entered Tuesday night's game in San Jose coming off of an impressive victory against the Coyotes the previous night. Despite a few lineup changes - Higgins, Garrison, and Luongo, most notably - they were still icing a more than competent crew, so there was reason to believe that we'd be treated to a good game.

Early on, the Sedins - reunited with Alex Burrows and it feeeeeeels so goooood - generated a handful of quality chances. They were buzzing. There was also a play where Chris Tanev rang iron with a shot from the point as Jannik Hansen caused a ruckus in front of Antti Niemi. 

But then, the direction of the game changed and things sort of went off the rails.. 

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Jensen Train Takes Detour to Utica (Plus An Update on Jordan Schroeder)

Dimitri Filipovic
September 24 2013 02:43PM

Nicklas Jensen is sad, and he doesn't care who knows it. (Image via Flickr )

It appears that the #JensenTrain has been stalled for the time being with the young talented winger reportedly being sent down to Utica to work his way back from a shoulder injury (sustained in last Saturday's game from hell for the Canucks). Meanwhile, Jordan Schroeder, who got hurt in the same game, is expected to miss an extended period of time with an ankle injury that we still don't know very much about. 

It's certainly a rough break for both guys, as they each seemed to have a realistic shot at earning a spot on the opening night roster heading into camp.

Some thoughts just past the jump on what that means for both of the young players, and the Canucks, with the regular season opener in San Jose being just over a week away.

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Zack Kassian Suspended for 8 Games, Dale Weise for 3

Dimitri Filipovic
September 23 2013 04:25PM

News came down the pike on Sunday afternoon that Zack Kassian was offered the opportunity for an in-person hearing regarding the incident that took place on Saturday night in Edmonton (he declined it, settling to do it over the phone). Now, after hours and hours of waiting for the verdict to be handed down, we've finally learned that Kassian will miss 8 games in total (5 of which mean something). Dale Weise also received a slap on the wrist for a play from the same game.

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