A Conversation With the Voice of Hockey Night in Canada: Jim Hughson

Dimitri Filipovic
December 19 2013 09:45AM


This is a guest post by Liam Porter , who approached me recently after he had been fortunate enough to get to speak to the voice of Hockey Night in Canada, Jim Hughson, about a multitude of different topics. Their discussion ranged from how he got into broadcasting, to his most memorable calls, to what Hockey Night in Canada will look like under the new TV deal.

Most importantly for our purposes, though, he got to get the former Canucks play-by-play man's thoughts on where the team stands right now, and how he feels about analytical analysis when it comes to hockey. I think you guys will really enjoy this one. Read on for the transcript of the interview.

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Canucks Army Postgame: ZzzZzzzZzZZz

Dimitri Filipovic
December 17 2013 09:39PM

This puppy was energetic and lively at the start of the game, but..

I'm very cognizant of the fact that we just witnessed the Vancouver Canucks rip off 7 wins in a row, including a complete and utter butt whooping over the big bad Boston Bruins. This has been a very sweet stretch around these parts. So it's kind of difficult to complain about the on-ice product at this point..

.. But man oh man, Tuesday night's game against the Minnesota Wild pretty much did everything it could to tear the soul right out of me. I feel like a sucker now, because I let the Wild rope me in with their young talent and intriguing player names on paper. I thought that maybe things had changed just a little bit, but nope. The Minnesota Wild are still the Minnesota Wild, and I guess the one silver lining from this game is that these teams aren't in the same division anymore.

Well, that, and the point the Canucks took home due to the shootout loss. Read on past the jump for a recap.

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Canucks Army GDT #36 - Canucks @ Wild

Dimitri Filipovic
December 17 2013 12:14PM

It'll probably feel like a little bit of a lull after the high that was the butt whooping they gave the Boston Bruins on Saturday night, but Tuesday night's game against the Minnesota Wild has some things going for it from a "reasons why you should watch" perspective. 

They aren't division rivals any longer, but it hasn't been that long since they were, and I suspect that there will still be some bad blood on display when they face off for the first time this season (which feels really weird to be saying over 40% of the way into the year, by the way). These games have traditionally been very chippy, with lots of back and forths between the two teams. Never underestimate the pull that a Napoleon Complex can have over someone, as has been evidenced by the Wild and their fans in Minnesota. 

The Canucks and the Wild are currently going in completely different directions  - Minnesota is 4-6-1 over their past 11 games, while the Canucks as you may've heard have won 7 in a row - but only two points separate them at the moment. There's at least a reasonable chance that they'll be the two Wild Card teams to make the playoffs in the Western Conference. 

If that - along with all of the potential Dany Heatley jokes! - isn't enough to get you to tune in, that's a shame, because you'll be missing out on David Booth going up against former Florida Panthers teammate Keith Ballard. After all, they both enjoyed career seasons back in '08-'09 for a team that failed to qualify for the playoffs. Now that's a relationship that runs deep!

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CA Postgame: John Garrett Jinxes Shutout, Still Loves Peanut Butter

Dimitri Filipovic
December 08 2013 09:32PM

Oh, John(s).. [Image via Legion of Blog ]

Roberto Luongo was just moments away from recording his 3rd shutout of the season, and bringing his save percentage on the year right up to his career average of .919.. but then, John Garrett decided to deviate from his usual analysis of Peanut Butter and other Safeway products, and went out of his way to point the shutout bid out to the audience..

.. and of course, with just 8 seconds left in a 3-0 game, Jamie McGinn put home a totally meaningless goal to spoil all of that goodness. Oh well. I guess a 28/29 performance from Luongo, and a 3-1 win over a team currently holding a playoff spot in the packed Western Conference will have to do. It wasn't the prettiest of performances, and the Avalanche almost certainly aren't as good as their record would indicate, but it was a big win for the Canucks regardless.

Read on past the jump for more.

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Canucks Army GDT #32 - Avs @ Canucks

Dimitri Filipovic
December 08 2013 01:49PM

Patrick Roy is a loose cannon, and it's awesome.

The Colorado Avalanche, who visit Rogers Arena on Sunday evening to take on the Canucks for the first time this season, are basically the polar opposite of the team we cover on this platform. Well, except for their coach being a loud, entertaining, loose cannon.

But they've received fantastic goaltending through the first third of the season, and have a ton of young exciting talent up front. On the other end of the spectrum their blueline is as suspect as it gets, and they've been performing over their heads due to some nice puck luck. 

I know they're in a different division now thanks to the realignment, but still, it feels weird that these two teams haven't played each other yet. That'll change tonight. You'll hear about how the Canucks have dominated the Avs in the past - having gone over 3 years without a loss to them at home - but things have changed..

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