Canucks Army Postgame: Canucks Show They Certainly Don't *Lack* Guts

Dimitri Filipovic
October 25 2013 09:27PM

Say what you will about the Vancouver and their performance during the 7-game roadtrip (and about people who begin sentences with "say what you will.."), but a 5-1-1 record all things considered is more than impressive. Especially considering the way they capped it off against the Blues with a 3-2 overtime victory. The operative term here is "gutsy", which I'm sure you'll see bandied about on your Twitter timeline, deservedly so.

Read on past the jump for a recap of what went down.

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Canucks Army GDT #13 - Canucks @ Blues

Dimitri Filipovic
October 25 2013 03:41PM

Leave Zack Kassian alone, you big meanie!

I guess you could say that the odds aren't in the Canucks' favour heading into the final game of a road trip which has taken them 13 days to complete. They're bruised, battered, tired, and probably just want to get home to their own beds and whoever they happen to have waiting for them back in Vancouver. 

Thanks to some strong goaltending from Roberto Luongo last night they were able to improve to 4-1-1, which makes the trip an awfully successful one - regardless of the outcome of tonight's game - despite the fact that they've looked more than shaky in getting there. With that being said, the Blues are a team that they could very well see come playoff time, and I'm sure that none of the guys in the Canucks lockerroom would particularly like to get embarrassed on this Friday night. Whether it winds up mattering on the scoreboard or not, I find it hard to believe that they'll lay down for the Blues.

Read on past the jump for a preview of the game which many think will be a lopsided one.

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Canucks Army Postgame: 9 Forwards, 2 Points

Dimitri Filipovic
October 24 2013 08:32PM

It's still October? Who cares? Roberto Luongo stole his team two points on Thursday night.

It was announced that 13,203 were in attendance at the Prudential Center to watch the Vancouver Canucks and New Jersey Devils play hockey on Thursday night. That strikes me as a rather generous figure, but let's go with it anyways. The crowd was pretty much nonexistent all night, but it's not like the two teams they were watching gave them any reason to make noise anyways.

The thing is.. I doubt either the Devils or the Canucks care much about that. One team got to play exactly the type of game that they like to play, while the other team managed to somehow come away with 2 points that'll count all the same towards the standings at the end of the year.

Read on past the jump for some thoughts on what we just witnessed.

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Jannik Hansen Officially Placed on LTIR

Dimitri Filipovic
October 24 2013 06:00PM

Ah, the simpler days when Jannik Hansen could lift both of his arms. (Image via Darryl Dyck)

We've yet to see the Vancouver Canucks enjoy the luxury of a full lineup thus far in the 2013-14 season, and it looks like that'll continue for the forseeable future. First it was the Zack Kassian suspension, then the Alex Burrows injury, and now it's Jannik Hansen, who has been officially placed on the Long Term Injury Reserve by the team. 

This comes after a nasty fall into the endboards that he took in the 1st period of Tuesday afternoon's game against the New York Islanders. He was sent home from the trip to be further evaluated, and apparently the prognosis isn't all that positive. 

Read on past the jump for more on the injury.

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Canucks Army GDT #12 - Canucks @ Devils

Dimitri Filipovic
October 24 2013 02:47PM

Welcome back, guy.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel for the Canucks, as their contest with the New Jersey Devils on Thursday afternoon is the penultimate game of their 7-game roadtrip. After a fun overtime victory against the Islanders two days ago, they'll be playing a Devils squad that pretty desperately needs a victory, but almost certainly won't be willing to engage in an up-tempo affair. The slower, the better.. which doesn't exactly lend itself to great television.

But regardless, David Booth is back in the lineup after being scratched last time out (in an attempt to deliver a message to him, or something like that), and we'll get to see Cory Schneider's friendly face one more time. Read on past the jump for a preview in which I promise to refrain from making any Steve Bernier jokes!

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