Eye ball to Eye ball

Patrick Johnston
June 01 2011 01:40AM


"Manny's eye is looking at you...over there...and over there..."
(Photo by Andy Clark, Reuters)


Manny Malhotra's return has been labelled many things, mostly miraculous; whatever you want to call it, there are still things about his condition which should be pointed out. As someone who has dealt with (and still deals with) a serious vision issue, your esteemed author is in a position to shed some light on Malhotra's future. Whether he is able to play in the coming weeks or just next fall is less important, the long term changes in his reaction speed to events to his left will be. Malhotra has sustained an injury to his eye which will take a long time to heal, no matter how well he has progressed these past few months.

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Patrick Johnston
May 21 2011 11:39AM

Though these fine fellows deserve a commendation for their Terrence and Philip costumes, they definitely qualify as a group of odds and sods.
(Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

This is a guest post by Patrick Johnston.

Odds and Sods is a feature where Patrick Johnston shares some thoughts on a past Canucks game. Here he takes a look at Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals.

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Patrick Johnston
May 17 2011 04:51PM

Glenn Healey demonstrates how to lose one's head, and how to be way, far outside of your crease.

This is a guest post written by Patrick Johnston

Watching the game on Sunday, I found myself doing more than my usual talking-back to HNIC commentators Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson and Glenn Healy. As a matter of course, I'm usually pretty appreciative of the work that commentators do - it's a challenging job, requiring the ability to think on your feet and articulate that thinking clearly and concisely. Generally, it should be expected that their comments aren't always going to be of the highest quality. We all say silly things in our regular lives, so why shouldn't TV analysts be exempt from the odd slip-up? This time, however, I couldn't let these particular comments go by. They struck me as asinine, lazy and totally lacking in preparation, awareness or actual knowledge. Two things stood out, both about critical moments in the game:

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