Five Thoughts on the Canucks and Hockey

Josh W
February 03 2015 11:00AM


It may be a surprise to many people, despite the fact that I am active in hockey analytics, I don't focus only on the spreadsheets.  I am often thinking about the game, thinking about the teams as a whole, thinking about management of the team and paying attention to all the news and semantics of words the team's public relations have coached them to say.

With that, here's five recent thoughts, related to the Vancouver Canucks, that I have been pondering.

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Curtis Valk Injured; Out for the Season

Josh W
February 02 2015 09:00AM

A week ago we reported, thanks to the insight from our Kalamazoo Wings Insiderrr @Sarah_Hobday, that Curtis Valk suffered the brunt end of a knee on knee collision in a game.  He did not return to the game after that and was seen leaving the arena on crutches.

Sarah has since informed us that Curtis Valk has been officially placed on the ECHL Injured Reserve List and in addition the K-Wings Coach and Play-by-Play guy mentioned multiple times over the weekend that Valk will be receiving surgery soon and is finished for the season.

Continue past the jump as we look at what this means for the Canucks, and for a young player who impressed so much at Vancouver's rookie camp.

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Comets Militia: Down on the Farm – January 30th, 2015

Josh W
January 30 2015 09:30AM


Welcome back to the weekly installment of the Comets Militia Report, where we look at all recent happenings down on the farm.  It's been a rough month for the Comets, as they have now lost 4 games a row, their worst stretch in a calendar year.

Read on to review what happened.

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Rolling the Dice: A Look at Vancouver's Luck Through 41 Games

Josh W
January 28 2015 01:00PM



With the Canucks having played their 46th game last night, we are over halfway through the NHL season and approaching the home stretch.  Since 41 games is a good benchmark, we can use this point to analyze how Vancouver has been playing and what specific things have been going their favour, and what's been going against them.

One thing that we cannot predict in hockey is luck.  Luck plays such a large role in determining the outcome of games to the point that the NHL is identical to a league where only 28% of the games are determined by the better team winning and the remaining 72% of games are a coin-flip.  This should come as no surprise, otherwise you would see teams like Buffalo win-less and the Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings of the world virtually undefeated.

But what is luck?  People tend to think of it as a vague, undefined, superstitious entity, but rather "luck" is everything that is outside of a players' control.  Things like injuries, being subjected to variances in shooting percentages, or referees making bad or ill-timed calls are all included in "luck."  

Continue past the jump to see how luck has been helping the Canucks this season.

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Canucks Army Prospect Report – January 28th, 2014

Josh W
January 28 2015 09:30AM

Welcome back to another week where we review the progress of all of Vancouver's prospects.  It's been a fairly busy week for the CHL prospects as they have been playing every other day while the better prospects continue to produce.  In other leagues the injury bug is starting to hit as players are no starting to miss games. 

Read past the jump for all your news and prospects stats.

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