Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Report - October 15th, 2015

Josh W
October 15 2015 02:49PM

Another week has gone by, and as such, prospects of the Vancouver Canucks have gotten a few more games in. Almost everybody has begun their season, with just one NCAA prospect left to make his meaningful game debut, and the few prospects the team has in the ECHL. 

Without keeping you too long, let's dig into the past week!

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Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Report - October 8th, 2015

Josh W
October 08 2015 03:00PM

Welcome back to another week of Canucks prospects updates!  The major junior leagues have shaken off the early-season cobwebs and hit full stride, while the NCAA schools (except for Yale) has started playing exhibition games. In a scrubbing of SFU, North Dakota easily emerged as victors and boy did first round Brock Boeser look good.

But he's not the only one how are all of our Canucks performing?

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Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Report - October 1st, 2015

Josh W
October 01 2015 01:00PM

Canucks Army's weekly Prospect Report is back! For the third consecutive year, we'll be providing you with the best quad-monthly prospect report on the Internet. Maybe. For those who are newer to the site, these profiles serve to take a look at the organization's non-AHL prospects. Check back every Thursday for the latest news and updates on your future Canucks!

While the big club hasn't started playing games that matter yet, hockey has been under way for nearly a month in much of the world. Many of the team's prospects have recently headed back to the CHL and started their season while the ones playing in European men's leagues have had plenty of ice already.

The only prospects waiting to get their seasons underway are those who opted to take the NCAA route, and those who will be playing in Utica or Kalamazoo. With all of that said, how are the ones who have started playing doing? Let's take a look.

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What Zone Data in Penticton tells us about Vancouver's Prospects

Josh W
September 23 2015 01:00PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.10.54 PM

Cole Cassels with a successful pass in entry to Hunter Shinkaruk

A little over a week ago, the Canucks Young Stars tournament in Penticton wrapped up. It was a fun one, in the sense that we got our first chance to see many of the Canucks prospects in what we hope will become their eventual uniforms for the first time. 

Now that it's over, however, I took the opportunity to go back and re-analyze the games. With this, I've compiled some zone entry data to share with you all. The sample is small; just three games, but it's better than nothing. We gave a glimpse into some of the data in a post last week, but now that all the game data has been amalgamated, we can get a better picture of how these prospects performed over the weekend.

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Benning's moves don't match his declared direction, and that's okay

Josh W
September 18 2015 12:19PM

Not everybody agrees with the general mindset of Canucks Army. I think that goes without saying. For example, look at Jake Virtanen; those who disagree with us are quick to point out that we dislike him. This isn't actually true - we like him, believe he'll be a good player, and hope that he'll develop into what's expected of him.

Our issue with a Virtanen isn't the player himself, but what he represents: bad decision making and incomplete thought processes. When he was drafted, it appeared that the Canucks left safer bets with higher upside on the board due to secondary perception. As the great philosopher Batman once said, a symbol is incorruptible and everlasting.

We do our best on this site to be analytical in our thoughts, and we try to judge the processes rather than the result itself. So when Jim Benning states that he wants to "retool on the fly", we're going to take that at face value and assess his choices in that context. If he stated he was opting for a full-on, tank-centred rebuild, we'd probably be bigger fans of the process so far.

In fact, let's engage in a thought experiment. Let's pretend that the on-the-fly talk is just for PR, and assess what the team has done from the perspective of an attempt at a "bottoming out" rebuild. This involves trading players with value as soon as possible, being bad for a few years, drafting high, and then developing your own core. How do Benning's decisions look under that mindset?

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